Episode 91 | How Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque Turned Her Side Hustle Into a Thriving Business,

with Be Well By Kelly CEO Kelly LeVeque

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How do you go from side-hustle to CEO? This week’s Brand Builder guest Kelly LeVeque can tell you – because she’s done exactly that.

Kelly is a health coach and holistic nutritionist to the stars, advising celebrity clients like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner, and the owner & CEO of Be Well by Kelly, a full-service nutrition, wellness and lifestyle company.

But before she was running the show at BWBK, she spent years in the oncology field, working on cancer treatments. She had a stable career, but deep down she knew she could make a greater impact by focusing on prevention rather than treatment. She tells us what inspired her to change careers, plus the specific tactics she used to build her brand and set herself up for success.

As inspiring as her story is, what listeners might find even more valuable is her perspective as an influencer. Kelly has built an impressive personal brand and a massive reach, and she breaks down exactly how she built that influence and how she evaluates the brand opportunities that come her way.

In other words, if you want to work with celebrity influencers, she’s going to tell you how.

Kelly is super smart, with an amazing story and great energy… and that makes for a fantastic episode.


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