The Top 42 Corporate Wellness Companies That Are Transforming Workplace Health and Happiness

best corporate wellness companies At SnackNation we live by the motto “Health above all else.” In fact, it’s the first – and arguably most important – of our five core values.

In our view, health is always square one.

You can’t be a good boss, teammate, friend, or spouse without first taking care of yourself. And we’re not the only ones. More and more companies are finding that healthier employees are also happier and more productive. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that for every dollar invested in wellness, companies average a return of $2.71 by way of increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and reduced healthcare cost.

As a result, a cottage industry of corporate wellness companies have sprung up in the last few decades, offering an array of different services and approaches. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which solution is best for your organization? That’s where we come in. We compiled this list of the best of the best health and wellness companies, the ones with the longest national reach, the most robust programs, and a track record of success.

In no particular order, below are the top 42 corporate wellness companies who make it easy for employees to live healthier lifestyles and make working at your company even more fun.

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1. Sonic Boom Wellness

Sonic Boom
With the most social, gamified, and customizable wellbeing platform, Sonic Boom Wellness is reputed for its engagement and success in driving health improvement because it has created programs people love and WANT to take part in, reducing the need for massive incentives.

Sonic Boom’s integrated engagement software maximizes motivation and accountability through competition, cooperation, positive peer pressure, and well-designed rewards systems – all within a comprehensive and mobile wellness hub. And Sonic Boom has a different business model than other wellness vendors. Because they’re not a behemoth, they’re able to provide hands-on, consultative service – relieving the administrative burden of running a program and maximizing success by utilizing best practices customized for every client.

2. Zeel

Zeel Logo Grey
Zeel@Work provides mobile stress reduction solutions to rejuvenate teams and promote a culture of wellbeing. On-site massage, mindfulness, assisted stretching, and yoga sessions are delivered by Zeel’s nationwide network of trusted and vetted wellness practitioners. Design a comprehensive, scalable program that incorporates any or all of those activities, or book on a one-time basis.

The holiday season is the perfect time to explore Zeel@Work. Have an event that could use an upgrade, or just need to perk up your team? Zeel@Work’s self-serve booking platform lets you book chair massage in a snap. It just may become your secret weapon for employee happiness.

3. WellSteps

wellsteps logo
WellSteps  worksite wellness solutions reduce employee health care costs and improve employee health. Their solutions include: Assessment, Goal Setting Tools, Activity & Incentive Trackers, Behavior Change Tools, Evaluation and Incentives. As the winner of the 2016 Koop Award, the WellSteps wellness platforms have been identified as one of the nation’s most effective corporate wellness programs.  

4. Wellness Corporate Solutions

wellness corporate solutions
Like many of our other world class corporate wellness services, Wellness Corporate Solutions offers health fairs and health risk assessments to employees. However, Wellness Corporate Solutions also offers eight week long wellness campaigns to challenge employees to strive harder both for health and in a work environment.

5. Kinema Fitness

kinema fitness
One of the most inspirational parts of the Kinema Fitness system is its willingness to give back. Kinema offers its fitness services to non-profit events. By giving back to the community in this way, Kinema is making the world a better place.

6. Premise Health

premise health
Premise Health does more than just cover you for your basic health needs; it also offers chiropractic and acupuncture services for its customers. That’s right—all of those years of hunching over at a desk can be corrected with a few simple appointments!

7. TotalWellness Health

Unlike many other corporate wellness vendors, TotalWellness’s goal is to improve the health of employees by lowering healthcare costs. Employers can then offer more wellness programs with the savings they generated.

8. WorkStride

workstride corporate rewards
Although not typically considered a corporate healthy and wellness company, WorkStride helps employers recognize and reward behaviors that already occur to improve employee wellness. This can help your company save money on more than one level.

9. Fitbit

Many people know Fitbit as the tiny wristwatch-like device that gets you to your personal fitness goals. However, Fitbit also provides companies with corporate wellness center and programs that use their products to improve employee health.

10. Provant Health

provant health
Serving over six million employees in America, Provant’s program focuses on three tenets: assessment, inspiration, and rewards/reports. These tenets make improving or customizing an employer’s program a breeze!

11. Marathon Health

Marathon Health
Three words—onsite health centers. No more wishy washiness of wondering if your employees are truly sick and need to go home or if they are simply being hypochondriacs.Check out Marathon Health’s site here.

12. Wellsource

Wellsource is a great company for corporate wellness. Recognized as a Fit Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association and a longtime WELCOA member, Wellsource has been helping organizations and individuals understand the connection between lifestyle and risk factors for preventable disease for nearly 4 decades. Wellsource’s innovative health risk assessment and online wellness resources make getting your wellness program up and running quick and easy.

13. Virgin pulse

At the heart of Virgin’s offering is technology designed to cultivate good lifestyle habits and maximize employees’ total quality of life. Their product suite includes mobile apps, fitness trackers, and detailed analytics, as well seamless integrations with a ton of devices – even Amazon’s Alexa. In May of 2017, the company also launched the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge. The effort brought together 300,000s employees in 185 countries to compete in a 100 day virtual journey that included physical activity, healthy eating, stress resilience, sleep quality and healthy habits. Virgin’s founder Sir Richard Branson himself even joined in on the fun.

14. American Specialty Health

Although American Speciality Health (ASH) may have been born in founder George Devries’ spare bedroom 30 years ago, today the company have one of the most robust offerings for employers and healthcare providers in the U.S. Their network includes more than 60,000 speciality healthcare practitioners who can provide what your employees need to lead healthier lives. We like ASH for their unique mix of musculoskeletal health plan integrations, fitness and exercise services, and more general health management solutions. They also really do have something for everyone, including no-cost, low-cost, and reimbursement-based plans.

15. Welltok

Welltok is a pioneer in health optimization that provides a highly personalized and rewarding experience for employees. The company’s main platform, Cafe Well, is an ecosystem of programs that combine a broad selection of content, community, and rewards programs to incentivizes positive health behaviors.

16. Power Wellness

power wellness
With a focus mainly on fitness centers, Power Wellness brings corporate wellness back to basics.

17. Karēlia

Karelia’s approach to employee wellness is as unique as its name. Its focus is on food health, specifically lessening the meat and saturated fat intake of employees and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables.


This unique corporate wellness solution focuses on getting employees paired with doctors. Doctors in the MDVIP system manage the health improvement plans of their patients, from exercise to diet and everything in between.

19. Vitality

Vitality takes a gamified approach, incentivizing healthy behaviors through challenges, points, and rankings. They also leverage their 220 million months of global member data to drive real results. And really, their results speak for themselves. An independently verified study found that Vitality programs have resulted in $4.7M in total medical cost savings, and have increased on the job performance by nearly 4%.

20. LifeDojo

LifeDojo’s unique name matches its 12-week approach to corporate health. Their program not only incorporates traditional elements of health; it also factors in stress, resilience, and sleeping patterns to improve overall wellness.

21. Training Amigo

training amigo
Another technologically advance employee wellness solution is Training Amigo. Along with tracking how your team is performing in the program, Training Amigo also makes reporting fun through rewards-based tasks and a platform similar to a social media account.

22. Kersh Health

We like Kersh because they’ve developed a simple, effective approach over their 20 years in the biz. They start with a low-friction biometric screening to determine where to focus. Next, they outfit program participants with KAM, their proprietary, state-of-the-art wearable accelerometer to measure daily activity. Finally, they combine these inputs to provide a “Qscore” and recommend action. Their algorithms have been actuarially verified by one of the world’s largest insurance providers, and additional clinical offerings make for a well-rounded experience.


23. Corporate Fitness Works

Corporate Fitness Works
As the name implies, Corporate Fitness Works focuses on one main goal: fitness. With a variety of programs and services to keep your employees fit and active, Corporate Fitness Works is a great choice.


24. EliteHealth

elite health
With a focus on smoking cessation, stress and time management, and nutrition and fitness, EliteHealth truly lives up to its name. It is perfect for any sized company and was even rated top 10 corporate wellness companies by


25. Psocratic

Psocratic is all about customization. Their solutions are designed to be both custom to your business and personalized for each individual employee. Their fun, user-friendly experience recommends activities and provide growth-inspiring tools for your employees. All of this is deployed with a layer of social connectivity, making their program fun and transparent, while inspiring some friendly competition. Psocratic is also great for orgs of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies.


26. Vital Management

vital managment
With applications, health management solutions, and biometric screenings, Vital Management has the basic trimmings of any other corporate wellness program. However, it also has recreation management, which helps bring employees together into a team environment.


27. Sprout

Sometimes the effects of a wellness program can be short-lived. Not so with Sprout. Their programs and solutions are specifically designed to deliver lasting, measurable results. They do this through their online platform and mobile app, which provides insights and analytics, and integrate things like absenteeism, engagement and performance data to obtain insights, action plans, and real time ROI. But what we love most is Sprout’s commitment to best in class service. Instead of overwhelming you with tools and capabilities and leaving you to fend yourself, the company is there to offer guidance and best practices every step of the way.


28. Maxwell Health

maxwell health
Maxwell Health is the first ever operating system for employee benefits. The app is like a one-stop-shop for everything benefits related, including built in insurance ID cards, a step tracking program, rewards store and concierge service, where employees are assisted with claims, choosing doctors, and much more.


29. Jiff

jiff wellness
No, not the peanut butter brand. This company uses a combination of gamification and economic incentives to get employees healthy. Whether it’s earning a few bucks for getting a check up or rewarding employees for taking lunchtime walks, Jiff is the technological solution for corporate wellness.


30. HeiaHeia

Based out of Helsinki, this fully customizable corporate wellness company makes getting your employees away from their desks and on their feet easy! Heia Heia’s easy to use application has 400 physical activities to choose from that will earn employees rewards.


31. PDHI by ConXus

With the ability to autolog fitness data from devices like Fitbit, ConXus is a conglomerate of a variety of organizations aimed towards keeping your employees healthy. From hospitals to heath coaches and everything in between, ConXus has got you covered.


32. LifeWorks

The tagline says it all – this world class corporate wellness company develops programs that make employees in any organization “Feel Loved.” We love LifeWorks because they combine counseling, life coaching, digital content, financial wellness, and care services to create a 360 wellness experience. And it all lives conveniently in one place, so taking full advantage is a snap for employees.


33. US Corporate Wellness

us corporate wellness
Running much like a super efficient corporation, US Corporate Wellness focuses on optimizing health for each team member, engaging and persuading team members to join, and measuring results to improve the program overall.


34. ComPsych

What makes ComPsych unique is its recognition of both physical and mental factors for making employees healthy. From helping employees quit smoking to lifestyle coaching, ComPsych runs the full gambit of corporate wellness.


35. Novant Health

Novant Health
Boasting an individual culture of health and wellness for your company, Novant Health focuses both on preventative care and minimizing risk. Programs like tobacco cessation programs are what they are known for!


36. Corporate Health Partners

corporate health partners
This unique wellness company focuses on three main components: assessment, culture building, and getting results. Corporate Health Partners serves companies and even some municipalities throughout the US.


37. Elevation Corporate Health

Elavation Corporat Health
Offering Wellbeing Webinars and multiple avenues for talking to a health coach, Elevation Corporate Health is the perfect solution for companies that need an affordable, but extensive corporate wellness program.


38. Wellness Coaches USA

Wellness Coaches USA
Differentiating themselves from other cookie cutter corporate wellness companies, Wellness Coaches USA focuses on on-site treatment. This can mean anything from an on-site health center to group lunch time walks.


39. Anschutz Employee Wellness Program

Anschutz Employee Wellness Program
Developed by doctors at the University of Colorado, this employee wellness program focuses on creating sustainable healthy habits that go beyond the simple 16-week training program.


40. Orriant

Orriant offers three personalized one on one coaching and online tracking systems to measure your company’s wellness success., and lowered healthcare costs. Most of Orriant’s clients are seeing 80% of employees (as well as their spouses) engaging in healthier lifestyles as a result of their unique wellness program. 


41. EXOS|MediFit

The powerhouse that is EXOS is definitely one of our top worksite wellness companies partially for their ability to design custom fitness centers for big corporations, but also because they also make these gyms eco-friendly. So, the gyms are good for employees and the environment!

42. Wellable

Wellable Logo
Wellable operates next-generation wellness challenges and health content technology platforms and complements these solutions with onsite services, such as health fair coordination, seminars, and more.  The technology’s flexibility allows organizations to customize and configure a program to meet their needs and objectives while providing a rich experience for end users.  Wellable works with employers and health plans of all sizes across the world, with active users in more than 23 different countries. 


Keeping your employees healthy and happy is a necessity, and with so many corporate wellness companies to help you with the process, your company really has no reason to fight against the tide. Keep them in mind when you’re looking for a corporate wellness company to help out your company! Did we miss a fantastic company? Let us know in the comments below!

Free bonus: Revive you wellness program by downloading our Ultimate List of 121 Wellness Program Ideas. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your company’s next Wellness Meeting. Includes 10 bonus ideas you can’t find on the blog.


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