SnackNation FAQ

All orders will ship within one business day!

Each snack box comes with a variety of the best-tasting healthier snacks on the market. With over 10 years of healthy vending experience, we know what people like and don’t like. Hundreds of product companies contact us each month asking us to sell their goods – we only select those that are not just healthier for you, but also taste amazing. Nutrition and taste are equally important…this is especially true in the workplace. Trust us – we will NOT be sending you snacks that taste like rabbit food!

Each monthly snack box comes with up to 12 different SKUs and 140-160 snacks. This allows our healthy snack expert-curators to have some flexibility in what items are selected each month. For example, one month might include a product that costs 2x more than the average SnackNation item, but it’s just so amazing that we want everyone to try it! In this scenario, we would simply have a lower overall volume of snacks for that month (closer to 140) so we can keep within budget. This will ensure that you have the best tasting healthy snack delivery possible!
Each snack included in the SnackNation healthy snack delivery service is a full-size single-serve portion. This is a premium program – you will never receive any sample-sized portions from us!

Each office around the country is unique and has different snacking needs and different budgets. SnackNation memberships start at $199/month and are highly customizable to your needs. To better understand pricing, speak with a SnackNation Snack Advisor now to choose the best plan and price for your office.

The product display box is a customized snack tray that’s shipped with your first order (in addition to the snack shipper box). This display allows for each office to have a clean, organized and designated snacking area. These are great additions to any office kitchen or break room that is in need of easily, accessible snacks.

You’ll work with your Snack Concierge (account manager) over the first few months to communicate your team’s snacking preferences. This includes giving feedback on which snacks your team loved (we’ll send more of those) and which snacks your team did not care for (we won’t send those again). SnackNation has been in the healthy snack industry for over a decade and works with thousands of product companies…there is a fun “discovery” element to the program that eliminates snack boredom from your office.

Continental Unites States (lower 48 States) shipping is free and included in your membership. Alaska and Hawaii are an additional $50/box (it costs a lot more to ship there). We don’t currently ship internationally.

All SnackNation delivery boxes are shipped via FedEx.

When your SnackNation box ships, the email address associated with the order will receive a tracking number.

We have more than just a “rewards” program. It’s called SnackNation VIP, and it’s an exclusive group of HR leaders, office rockstars and people-focused executives dedicated to creating better places to work. This fun & engaging community is an online portal where SnackNation Members interact via a discussion forum, access the best of the best workplace tips and tricks, and also, complete fun “challenges” where they can earn points that can be used for a variety of rewards, perks, and privileges – including free snacks! Talk to your SnackNation Snack Concierge for more details.

You can modify or cancel your subscription by calling your Snack Concierge’s direct line or emailing We require 14 calendar day’s notice to modify or cancel your subscription. If you have a contracted commitment, your cancellation will be effective as of the end of the commitment term.