Episode 85 | How These Two Millennial Founders Pioneered Greek Frozen Yogurt,

with Yasso co-founders Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington

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This week on Brand Builder we’re featuring Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington, the Millennial founders behind Yasso. These two lifelong friends and former athletes came up with an idea that’s so smart and so simple, it’s kind of a shock that no one else was really doing it yet – Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Amanda and Drew seized their moment in 2011, founding the brand and becoming the first mover in the category. Today Yasso has about 30 employees and closed out 2018 with north of $80M in revenue.

We got very tactical in this interview, learning their approach to R+D, how Yasso drove growth through experiential marketing, and why they favor IRL events over digital influencers. But mostly we learned how to create something that doesn’t exist yet.

They also told us an epic story about some friendly(ish) trolling from one of the biggest ice cream brands around.


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