Episode 57 | How Sugarfina Hit $40M in Revenue with Zero Marketing Spend

with Sugarfina co-founder & co-CEO Rosie O’Neill

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The next time an ROI-obsessed executive or board member questions why you’re so heavily invested in something “fuzzy” like brand, throw this quote back at them:

“We were able to get to $40M, no marketing spend.”

That’s Rosie O’Neill, the co-founder and co-CEO of Sugarfina, and our guest on this week’s Brand Builder.

You may have seen Sugarfina at an upscale mall or a Nordstrom near you – they’re a luxury candy boutique for grown-ups that brings a fresh and fashionable approach to confections, and a true disruptor in the $200B confections industry.

In this conversation with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly, Rosie credits their emotionally resonant brand for helping make them a word-of-mouth sensation. Plus, Rosie explains why Sugarfina is bullish on retail when most companies balk at brick and mortar.


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