Episode 71 | How RISE Brewing Co. Brings a Craft Beer Approach to Coffee,

with RISE co-founders Grant Gyesky and Justin Weinstein

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What would life be without coffee?

It’s a daily ritual for millions of people across the world, and the lifeblood of business here in the States.

With a product so ubiquitous, and with coffee brands seemingly a dime a dozen, how do you build a brand that cuts through the noise?

To find out, we’ve got the folks from RISE Brewing – co-founders Grant Gyesky and Justin Weinstein.

RISE Brewing Co. brews nitro cold-brew coffee kegs and cans for offices, bars, restaurants, cafes, and has a growing direct to consumer business too.

And by all accounts, they have a hit on their hands.hey’ve seen rapid growth and some high profile accounts – like NIKE, Facebook, and the NBA. Consumers are going crazy for the the delicious, natural sweetness that the nitro imparts. Plus their coffee is organic, non-GMO, fair-trade, single-origin, non-dairy and contains zero calories.

So how did they pull this off? In part by taking a craft beer approach to brewing coffee. We dive into the rapid rise of RISE in this conversation.


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