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37 Memorable Gifts for Every Type of CEO

Here’s a list of gifts CEOs will never forget (or throw away) even if it seems like they already have everything they could ever need or want.

By | Jun, 15, 2018|SnackNation Office|

45 Successful Corporate Wellness Programs Employees Will Love

Too often, people associate their jobs with stress, pain, and overall unhealthiness. Because you’ll be spending 40 hours a week doing it, a job should be a place that promotes healthiness, both mentally and physically. Luckily, there are many employers in America that understand the endless advantages to keeping employees healthy. Successful corporate wellness programs are the result of these employers.

By | Jun, 15, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Light Snacks to Keep You Energized for a Summer Beach or Lake Day

Whether you’re a beach babe or a lady of the lake, we’re here to get you ready for a summer of easygoing splashing and snacking. Kick off the fun with nostalgic activities that lift you up and snacks that won’t weigh you down.

By | Jun, 14, 2018|SnackNation Office|

The Executive Assistant’s Guide: Tips for Getting a Promotion or Raise

If you wish for a raise or promotion, then you’ve come to the right place. Find effective tips to become the ultimate executive assistant.

By | Jun, 08, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Boost Your Employee Recognition Skills and Words (Templates Included)

Are you ready to start giving employees the recognition they crave? Our language primer will help you know what to say when you need to say it.

By | Jun, 08, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Calendar Management For Executive Assistants to Save Time & Stress

Find a list of helpful tips & tools to make calendar management for executive assistants a breeze. Save time & stress when creating your next calendar.

By | Jun, 01, 2018|SnackNation Office|

141 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes for Work

Good motivational quotes for employees should be inspiring and empowering…and should not sound like something you lifted from a cheesy greeting card. We searched through books, movies, songs, and even TED Talks to bring you 101 amazing motivational quotes you’ll be proud to put in a Powerpoint, or even an intra-office meme.

By | Jun, 01, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Boost the Productivity of Your Meetings with These 26 Icebreaker Games

Icebreakers make meetings better by loosening everybody up and getting them into “meeting mode.” Here is a list of the 26 best, tried and tested icebreaker games.

By | May, 25, 2018|SnackNation Office|