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What Exactly is Gluten? Plus 6 Clean-Ingredient Gluten-Free Snacks

Whether you’re switching up your diet to stay healthy, living with celiac disease, or just curious about the gluten-free trend, we’re here to break down what gluten is and why gluten-free is here to stay. Plus, we’re sharing some of our favorite gluten-free snacks for any on-the-go lifestyle!

By | Aug, 22, 2018|FEATURED, SnackNation Office|

The Office Manager Responsibilities List You Won’t Find in a Job Description

This detailed Office Manager responsibilities list, came straight from the experts: office managers. Find standard OM duties & some, no one tells you about.

By | Oct, 05, 2018|SnackNation Office|

20+ New Hire Orientation Ideas for a Successful Onboarding That Goes Beyond the First Day

We’ve broken down new hire orientation ideas and the steps some of the best companies take before, during and after the new hire orientation!

By | Sep, 28, 2018|SnackNation Office|

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Offboarding: Exit Checklist, Interview Qs and Timeline

An employee’s last days at a company is just as crucial as their first. That's it's important to have an employee exit checklist to make the process simple!

By | Sep, 28, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Every Office Manager Meme You Ever Wanted

Every Office Manager Meme You Ever Wanted Office Managers (OMs) champion a positive work environment. They have all the answers, [...]

By | Sep, 22, 2018|SnackNation Office|

Office Administrator vs Office Manager: Understanding the Roles

Office Administrator vs Office Manager: Understanding the Roles  Office Administrator vs. Office Manager: What’s the difference? While it’s easy to [...]

By | Sep, 14, 2018|SnackNation Office|

How to Make Your Coworker’s Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable [Updated]

How to Make Your Coworker's Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable With everything on your plate, it can be tempting to let [...]

By | Sep, 14, 2018|SnackNation Office|

The Surefire Way to Improve Employee Performance in 15 Minutes a Day

How would you like to know a super simple way to help improve your team’s productivity, increase accountability and boost the likelihood of achieving long-term goals? Well today you’re in luck. We’re going to pull back the kimono and show you the strategy our team has been using successfully for years to improve each employee’s performance. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to purchase some fancy new software or tool.

By | Aug, 31, 2018|SnackNation Office|

13 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love

Looking for corporate gifting ideas that your clients and customers will love? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners.

By | Aug, 24, 2018|SnackNation Office|