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16 Employee Scheduling Apps to Make Your Life More Efficient

16 Employee Scheduling Apps to Make Your Life More Efficient An employee scheduling app could improve your work life in so many [...]

By | Aug, 30, 2019|FEATURED, SnackNation Office|

5 Surprising Growth Tactics from Today’s Top Consumer Brands

Here’s the thing about established “best practices” -- They won’t be the things that put your brand over the top. Think about it. By the time there’s consensus about which tactics constitute best practices, most brands are already doing them. If you want to stand out from the competition, you have to do things differently. I believe that a significant portion - up to 20% - of your sales and marketing strategies must be experimental if you want to grow. This means trying things that are counterintuitive, have never been done before, that might not scale - or that aren’t even measurable. To learn more about this, I asked some of the best CPG and snack brands in the industry to share their most surprising (and surprisingly successful) growth strategies. Here’s what they shared.

By | Jun, 27, 2019|SnackNation Office|

Why Workplace Snacking Represents One of the Biggest Opportunities to Impact People’s Health

Now and again someone sends me a provocatively-titled article, calling for the immediate end to workplace snacking - something along the lines of, “Stop Giving Your Employees Snacks.” But while most of the coverage and commentary I’ve read has focused on the problems associated with these findings, I see an unparalleled opportunity to drive positive change. And if you read beyond the headlines, you'll see that the study's findings don't suggest all office snacking is bad, just the unhealthy variety.

By | Jun, 13, 2019|SnackNation Office|

Our Top 25 High-Protein Low-Carb Snacks

High-protein low-carb snacks are ideal for those following a Keto diet and they're packed with nutritious energy that lasts through any workout.

By | Jun, 12, 2019|SnackNation Office|

20+ Sugar-Free Snacks That Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

Delicious sugar-free snacks give anyone with a sweet tooth the power to do the impossible: Eat less sugar while still feeling satisfied.

By | Jun, 12, 2019|SnackNation Office|

20+ Simple High-Fiber Snacks That Keep You Fuller Longer

High-fiber snacks don't have to be bran muffins, aggressively crunchy crackers, or chalky supplements. They can be delicious plant-based foods!

By | Jun, 11, 2019|SnackNation Office|

20+ Low-Sodium Snacks That Will Leave You Feeling Great Long After Your Snack Break

These low-sodium snacks will empower your good intentions and help you make smart choices to promote good health and prevent disease.

By | Jun, 11, 2019|SnackNation Office|

36 Office Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work

Keep you and your team productive, inspired and motivated every day with these 36 office decor ideas to give your workplace an upgrade.

By | Jun, 10, 2019|SnackNation Office|

The Only Corporate Event Planning Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Take the guesswork, panic, and chaos out of event planning and nail all the details with this indispensable corporate event planning checklist.

By | Jun, 10, 2019|SnackNation Office|