Featured Snack of the Month: Matt’s Munchies

It isn’t often that a snack can transport you to a tropical paradise like Matt’s Munchies bite size fruit snacks. Watch the video below featuring two SnackNation members & office managers from MediaMath, an ad-tech company with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Boston. On a recent work trip to Los Angeles, they stopped by the SnackNation HQ to tour our space and get the first taste of some new snack samples. In this clip they comment that the Matt’s Munchies Mango flavor is sweet and chewy, just like a fruit roll-up for adults. And at 100 calories, it’s the perfect snack to keep in the desk!

Matt’s Munchies: A Happy Accident?

The father & son team that created Matt’s explains how they created Matt’s unique texture & amazing taste in this interview from the Natural Products Expo West convention.

Exclusive Member Special:

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