Episode 79 | How this Second Generation Chocolatier is Bringing Science to the Art of Candy Making

with Marich Confetionery CEO Brad van Dam,

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This week on Brand Builder, we seek the answer to one question – what makes great chocolate?

After all, the ingredients are essentially the same for everyone. But all chocolate are certainly not created equal. So what separates phenomenal product from the rest?

To find out, we spoke to Brad van Dam, the president and CEO of Marich Confectionery Co.

Marich is known for premium product. They make all natural, fair trade certified, pan-crafted chocolates – that people just love.

Brad told us the fascinating history of Marich, which begins in war-torn 1940s Holland, and traced his own unlikely path from tech to CPG.

We also spent some time on the cultural side of things. One of the most interesting things about Marich is how much time and energy Brad spends cultivating just the right organizational culture. After all, it’s culture that transmits the craft of candy making from one generation to the next.


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