Episode 63 | How Bitsy’s is Building a Movement Through Brand Storytelling

with Bitsy’s Co-Founder Maggie Patton

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Bitsy’s is a brand with a message. They believe that good things come in small packages, that hope and success are inextricably linked, and that small acts of goodness can add up to something monumental.

And of course, they’re a brand with a message in a more literal sense too – their newest SKU “Good Cookies” has inspirational messages printed on the cookies themselves.

The non-cookie vehicle for these message is through brand storytelling, a topic that we go deep on with Bitsy’s co-founder Maggie Patton.

We caught up with Maggie on the tail end of the Bitsy’s positivity tour, and she definitely took us to some unexpected places (the living room of an unofficial cookie museum in Philadelphia). Maggie breaks down how storytelling has been so crucial for the brand’s currentsuccess and future evolution and the team’s focus remains on one person.


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