Episode 66 | How WeWork and SoulCycle Built Their Tribe of Raving Fans,

with WeWork Partner and SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice

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This week on the podcast we have an in-depth conversation with Julie Rice, a co-founder of SoulCycle and a Partner at WeWork.

SoulCycle’s rise is now the stuff of legend. Julie and her fellow co-founders took the fitness and business worlds by storm, and grew a fanatical customer base by focusing on who they wanted their customers to become.

Now Julie is a partner at WeWork, another business that feels more like a movement. Both SoulCylce and WeWork are prime examples of what you can build when you provide best-in-class experiences that help customers reach their aspirations.

SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly sat down with Julie this summer in WeWork HQ in New York as the SnackNation and WeWork teams were putting the finishing touches on the WeMRKT. The recently launched premium onsite markets provides a meaningful and relevant retail amenity to WeWork members, including snack and beverages curated by SnackNation. (For more on WeMRKT, check out this New Yorker article: “WeWork Does Bodegas.”)

But that’s just scratching the surface of all the goodness Julie gave us in this conversation. She takes us through the entire SoulCycle founding story, discusses what it takes to scale culture (and why that’s important), and explains why building communities is really her life’s work.


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