Episode 65 | The Ultimate Guide to the Millennial Workplace,

with CEO, author, and career expert Jane Buckingham

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Jane Buckingham is the CEO of consumer insights firm Trendera, a bestselling author, and an expert on the generational factors shaping the modern workplace. In this long form interview, she breaks down how Millennials have reshaped work culture as we know it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Jane describes the challenges of parenting in the networked age, and explains why young people today are often held to an unfair standard.
    Jane weighs in on the importance of attending an elite university, and names the traits that she looks for in a candidate before she considers university pedigree.
  • Jane explains that it’s often the interviewers and not the interviewees making the biggest mistakes in the interview process.
  • Jane explains why Gen Xers and Baby Boomers fear Millennials, and why they should consider partnering with them instead.
  • Jane tells us how she maximizes engagement with a remote workforce.
  • Jane describes why you have to work to cultivate the right company culture – and then work to keep it.
  • Jane explains why companies can’t expect employees not to use social media during the day.
  • Jane reveals her favorite entrepreneur, quote, employee perk, and more.


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