20+ Essential Executive Assistant Training Courses

Executive Assistant Training

Executive assistant training helps ambitious assistants keep up with their ever-changing roles—demanding roles that require constant learning, growing, and evolving.

Executive assistants don’t have to enroll in in-depth university programs to keep their skills developing along with the fast-paced nature of their work. These training selections offer something to help any Executive Assistant’s career flourish. There’s something here for seasoned assistants looking to polish specialized skills and budding assistants hoping to round out their skills before entering this exciting field.

Our executive assistant training list covers the industry-recognized short and long-term trainings that help students advance their careers and achieve their most ambitious goals.

General Executive Assistant Training Courses 

EventTrix Executive Assistant Online

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: All the essential skills necessary to be the go-to office resource, the person all leadership staff and direct managers know they can count on to handle anything and everything. The course helps students develop organization, multitasking, prioritization, and communication skills. Students also learn how to be adaptable in tricky situations and how to accomplish more through being straightforward and direct with leadership and associates.
  • Best for: People moving from highly specialized jobs (communications managers, merchandisers, etc.) into do-it-all executive assistant roles. The course also helps those just starting—or hoping to start—executive assistant roles.

UCLA Extension Executive Assistance SeriesOnline and In-Person Classes

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Designed with a focus on hands-on coursework and interactive practice exercises, this course helps students pick up tried-and-true techniques in presenting, communicating, planning, and organizing. The series focuses heavily on real-world case studies and in-depth instructor feedback that helps build new skills in a real-world context.
  • Best for: According to this course info page, this training “is designed for working professionals experienced in secretarial and/or organization support duties who have the poise and potential to improve their organizational, people, and presentation skills to well represent senior managers, department heads, and business owners.”

UCSC Silicon Valley Extension Administrative and Executive Assistant Online and In-Person Classes

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: The course page features this appeal to Executive Assistants: “Learn to increase your productivity and effectiveness, improve your ability to organize and prioritize, expand your network and build alliances, self-confidence, and respect.”

Course objectives include:

  • Plan and lead effective meetings
  • Manage complex projects
  • Analyze and evaluate financial statements
  • Communicate business needs in writing and presentations
  • Collaborate with diverse teams
  • Best for: Executive Assistants with some experience who want to take their skills to the next level. Course instructors include some of the best and brightest seasoned Executive Assistants; students will likely get the most from instruction if they arrive with specific questions and challenges that require expert mentor-ship.

Executive Assistants


Chippewa Valley Technical College Associate Degree – Executive Assistant  – Online and In-Person Classes

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Students learn how to expertly manage schedules and complex travel plans, effectively leverage computer technology to do quality office work, efficiently manage projects from start to finish, and much more.
  • Best for: The course includes internship opportunities that provide quality real-world experience, so it’s ideal for budding Executive Assistants looking to gain relevant resume experience.

North Shore Community College Executive Administrative Assistant (EAD)In-Person

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: This two-year program focuses on giving students the foundational skills they need to succeed in the office environment. The course covers everything from database management to interpersonal skills.
  • Best for: This course includes supervised work experience, so it’s ideal for students who need experience (and the skills that come with it) to land their first Executive Assistant role.

The University of Utah Continuing Education and Community Engagement – Executive Assistant CertificateOnline

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: This course was designed to prepare students for the Microsoft Specialist Master certification, so it’s no surprise that instruction focuses on office-specific technology skills, including typing and using the entire Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants who feel they have a general command of essential communication and intrapersonal skills but who also want to polish and refine their essential computer skills.

American Management Association® – Management Skills for Administrative ProfessionalsOnline and In-Person

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: This course provides enlightening leadership training designed to show ambitious Executive Assistants how they might take command of their positions, managing changing responsibilities, negotiating with confidence, and improving constantly and strategically.
  • Best for: Experienced Executive Assistants who have mastered the skills they need to support executives and who want to take some time to focus on their own professional development.

American Society of Administrative Professionals – The Senior EA as Leader, Advisor and Mentor On-Demand/Online Webinar

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: The course page lists the following course objectives:
  • Words Matter, learn what words you should avoid
  • Leadership is about behavior
  • 6 Important Questions to Ask Your Team
  • How to lead a team effectively, including managing difficult behaviors
  • Best for: Experienced Executive Assistants who want to develop leadership skills to motivate teams and make significant contributions to their company’s big-picture strategy.

Executive Assistant Meeting


Suny Orange – Executive Assistant ProgramOnline

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: The complete suite of office skills they need to become adaptable Executive Assistants who are ready for anything. This course places emphasis on helping students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist Master certification.
  • Best for: Budding Executive Assistants looking to develop all their essential skills.

Hawkeye Community College – Executive Assistant AAS Degree CoursesOnline

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: This Associate degree program covers pretty much everything; the program includes courses like Introduction to Keyboarding, Proofreading and Editing, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, and Employment Portfolio and Career Development.
  • Best for: People who’ve just decided to pursue an Executive Assistant career but who haven’t yet completed any relevant coursework or office experience.

The University of Texas at Arlington Division of Enterprise Development – Executive Administrative Assistant Certificate ProgramOnline and In-Person Classes

  • What Executive Assistants will learn: The course page lists the following benefits:
  • Improve your employability and opportunities for advancement
  • Strengthen your administrative, communication and computer skills
  • Gain the interpersonal skills needed to meet the demands of the current and emerging business environment

The program has a list of required courses, including Business Writing Basics and Executive Administrative Assistant Office Procedures, but it also allows students to choose from a list of electives to cater their experience to their particular interests. Electives include Quickbooks Fundamentals, Creating Interactive Portfolios, Introduction to Microsoft Project, and Spanish Language: Level I.

  • Best for: Both beginning and mid-level Executive Assistants looking to build and refine key skills.

Skill-Specific Executive Assistant Training Courses

Tech skills

Coursera – Grow with Google – Technical Support FundamentalsOnline

  • Target skill: Technology/computer skills
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Here’s a sampling of objectives from the course page:
  • Choose and install an operating system on a computer.
  • Understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world.
  • Utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting.
  • Best for: This course is actually designed for people hoping to become IT support specialists. It may be too intense for some roles, but it’s perfect for Executive Assistants who are constantly asked to solve tech problems, or even Executive Assistants who want to learn how to best leverage technology resources.

Coursera – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Strategic Leadership and Management SpecializationOnline

  • Target skill: Leadership skills
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Students learn how to strategically manage people and processes to maximize business value.
  • Best for: Experienced executive assistants who manage key teams and processes.

LinkedIn Learning – Problem Solving TechniquesOnline

  • Target skill: Resourcefulness and problem solving
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: A sound problem solving strategy that applies to any tricky situation or full-fledged crisis. The course shows students how to evaluate problems, identify root causes, develop potential solutions, and carefully select the best option.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants at all levels, because no matter how much or how little experience you have, you’ll always encounter problems.

Managing Stress

LinkedIn Learning – Managing StressOnline

  • Target skill: Handling pressure
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: How to manage stress, identify stress triggers, successfully manage stress responses, and as a result of all that, make more positive personal choices.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants at all levels, because like problems, stress is a workplace constant.

Priority Management – Time Management Training ProgramsOnline

  • Target skill: Prioritization and organization
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Best practices to get more out of the same amount of time.
  • Best for: All Executive Assistants, especially those who’ve recently received more responsibility and are looking for ways to maximize their time. 

Udemy – Decision Making: Solve Problems with Emotional IntelligenceOnlin

  • Target skill: Discretion and people skills
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: Holistic ways to strengthen decision-making skills, from leveraging mindfulness in decision making to recognizing barriers to innovative work.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants who make (or who are hoping to take over) key decisions for executives.

Alison – Communication Skills – Persuasion and MotivationOnline

  • Target skill: Communication skills
  • What Executive Assistants will learn :How to use persuasive communication skills to motivate people. The course also dives into the theories behind the techniques, giving students a well-rounded understanding of the human psyche.
  • Best for: While any Executive Assistant can benefit from this course, it is best for mid-level assistants who find themselves increasingly involved in office and industry politics.


Harvard Business School – HBX – Negotiation MasteryOnline

  • Target skill: Negotiations skills
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: According to the course page, participants will learn how to:

Understand negotiation dynamics and how to prepare for uncertainty

Learn to craft agile strategy and be quick on your feet

Resolve small differences before they escalate

Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself

Reflect on personal tendencies and refine your approach to be more effective

Engage with like-minded peers from around the globe and content developed by Harvard Business School faculty

  • Best for: Executive assistants who are earning new responsibilities and carving out high-profile positions that require them to make deals with key associates and partners.

Microsoft Virtual Academy – Doing More with Your DataOnline

  • Target skill: Analytics
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: How to better understand massive amounts of data and how to use it to inform key business decisions.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants at companies that want to start leveraging data to improve business efficiency and success.

eCornell – Business AnalyticsOnline

  • Target skill: Analytics
  • What Executive Assistants will learn: How to use Excel to analyze and model data in a way that informs business decisions.
  • Best for: Executive Assistants looking to use analytics to make and back up their decisions or who are hoping to help executives integrate data into high-level decisions.  


Have you tried any of these Executive Assistant training courses? Let us know in the comments below! 


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