Episode 48 | How Dirty Lemon is Disrupting Retail Distribution with Technology,

with Dirty Lemon CEO & Co-founder Zak Normandin

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This week we’ve got Zak Normandin, the co-Founder & CEO of Dirty Lemon Beverages

Dirty Lemon make signature beverages around functional ingredients like charcoal, matcha, ginseng, and collagen, just to name a few. Their drinks are designed to help you get better sleep, elevate your metabolism, or just look your best.

Zak and the team have created a red-hot brand that’s been a hit with consumers. But as we learn in this interview, there’s so much more to it than that.

Dirty Lemon is the first consumer brand in the world to offer products exclusively via text message. In fact, they’re building distribution infrastructure to power the next generation of consumer brands.

According to Zak, all this investment and building is worth it. He sees it as a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a direct connection with consumers.

Towards this end, Dirty Lemon has invested heavily in tech, and just made a high-profile acquisition.

SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly talks to Zak about all this and more, including Dirty Lemon’s collaboration with Vogue magazine, the importance of brands in the new retail landscape, Dirty Lemon’s retail concept The Drug Store, and why Zak never wants to work with traditional retailers again.


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