Episode 60 | How Daily Harvest is Leading a Frozen Revolution,

with Daily Harvest founder and CEO Rachel Drori

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What comes to mind when someone says the words “frozen food”?

Probably dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, ice cream, or the long forgotten TV dinner hanging out in the back of your freezer.

And that’s the problem. What most people don’t know is that freezing food – particularly produce – has a ton of health and nutrition advantages. For example, did you know that blueberries have 200% more vitamin C when frozen versus fresh after 3 days. Or that spinach has 25% more vitamin E after 3 days when its frozen? Bonkers.

Rachel Drori is here to change all that. Rachel is the founder and CEO of Daily Harvest, a company that delivers single-serve cups of frozen ingredients (organic, whole ingredients and superfoods, with no preservatives or added sweeteners) that can be turned into crave-worthy eats in just seconds. She and the team at Daily Harvest are leading a frozen revolution, and making the case that frozen might be the ultimate way to provide convenience without nutritional compromise.

Rachel joins us to talk about her customer-centric brand philosophy, a record setting series B fundraise, and getting people to forget about those dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.


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