37 Cool Office Supplies and Gadgets That’ll Revitalize Your Workplace

fun and cool office supplies

Unique and cool office supplies address many common workplace doldrums.

From grey walls to blandly colored carpets, a pop of color or a splash of humor can help liven up an otherwise dull office.

After all, a bad case of the Mondays can’t get you down when you pull your tape out of a smiling otter tape dispenser.

So if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to face a complete office remodel (or if you just want to make buying cool office stuff a little but more fun), try investing in some unique office supplies to brighten things up instead.

From cute and quirky to funny and novelty, here’s a list of 37 unique office supplies that’ll liven up your office!

(Note: we’ve included the price of each item and will update pricing as often as possible)

1. Jac Zagoory Designs Bear’s Growl Remover


Want a great conversation starter? Then look no further… This “animal of awe” will stop people in their tracks with genuine curiosity!

Price: $80

2. Baby Yoda Mouse Pad

Let’s be honest here… Baby Yoda is ADORABLE!

Be the first in your office to grab this and we promise your co-workers will soon be asking you where you found this gem.


Price: $11.95

3. A mini USB vacuum

usb powered vacuum

Even activities like vacuuming get more fun on a miniature scale. A mini USB vacuum isn’t just fun, it can also suck up all those crumbs you’ve been pretending to ignore. Bonus points if the vacuum actually looks like the real thing.

Price: $19.98

4. An otter tape dispenser

Just look at this little critter:

otter tape dispenser

Here’s what one person had to say after they bought their otter tape dispenser:


If you’re frantically tossing a presentation together for an emergency meeting and feeling just a little frantic, this little guy should put things in perspective.

Price: $15.79

5. Remote-controlled vehicles

Tired of emails? Clip your memos onto a RC vehicle for an epic delivery to Dave down the hall. You could even take a cue from these McClaren employees and host a Friday afternoon grand prix made from an office-supply track.


Prices Vary

6. Healthy Snacks

Think snacks don’t qualify as a supply you need for your office? A recent survey found that while only 16% of offices offer free snacks for their employees, 67% of employees with access to free food reported being reported being “very” or “extremely” happy with their current job.

How many post-it notes have you met that can make employees happy, healthier, and more productive?

Since we know healthy snacks supply your office with a lot of joy, we put them on this list.

Prices Vary


7. Pens that nobody will want to burrow

Don’t you love when you let your coworkers borrow your pens only to realize that you have none left?

These pens by Vat19 promote some hilariously named businesses:

funny pens

They’re guaranteed to provide a couple of laughs and make you the least popular person from whom to borrow pens.

Price: $6.99

8. Motivational posters

cool motivational poster for office

Motivational posters for the workplace can be a great idea. You could take the funny route or check out Brit + Co’s list of 21 motivational posters you’ll actually want in your office for some great options.

Price: Starting at $1.98

9. An extra hand

Featured on this blogger’s favorite things list, sometimes you just need an extra hand on your desk to help hold your other supplies on your desk:

fist pen holder

If disembodied hands freak you out, any pencil holder can do the same job.

Price: $17.99

10. Coloring books for grown-ups

Office break room games don’t have to be expensive or elaborate to be awesome. Adult coloring books are inexpensive, convenient, and quiet.

Fun fact: adult coloring books have made quite a splash in the publishing world, growing faster than most traditional segments.

Our friends over at Limeade told us that they actually have things like coloring and puzzle stations as a way for their team to have fun at work:

limeade 4

Price: $4.49

11. DIY zen gardens

Take an afternoon to have a DIY zen garden workshop for your employees. Tons of bloggers have easy instructions for personalized zen gardens—like this colorful one from Dream a Little Bigger:

zen garden

Price: ~$20

12. Awesome wall calendars

If you work in an office, knowing the date is usually a good idea. You need to date your documents, countdown to vacation, and keep track of the next holiday on the horizon.

But if you work in an office, you also know how hard it can be to keep track of the date. Here are some DIY wall calendar ideas from I Spy DIY that will make life just a little easier.

fun office supplies, calendar

Photo belongs to purplevintagespaceprincess via Flikr

Prices Vary

13. Peel and stick googly eyes

googly eyes on keyboard

Just wait until Bill walks into his office and finds his computer staring at him—then you’ll see why peel and stick googly eyes make it onto this list!

Since we’re human, we frequently assign human attributes to inanimate objects…it just feels good! Why not give that natural tendency a helping hand? This site has the perfect sticker packs for a complete silly face.

Price: $4.95

14. A Dammit doll

We’re so stressed out even our intestines are freaking out! #DAMMIT

A photo posted by Dammit Dolls (@dammitdolls) on

Have you ever felt so frustrated at work that you wanted to just throw something against the wall? Of course not, neither have we…

In case you do ever fall victim to that type of frustration, a better outlet might be the Dammit Doll. Grab one of these dolls, and hurl it around to relieve workplace stress. Hey, that’s what they’re made for!

Price: $15.87

15. A dinosaur desk organizer

dinosaur desk organizer

5 stars and 290 reviews (at the time of this writing) makes the dinosaur desk organizer a must-have office supply.

Price: $12.99

16. Emoji stickers

Help your team express themselves with our most beloved universal communications symbol – emoji stickers.

Price: $12.00

17. Tomato timers

tomato timer

This handy little tool typically found in a kitchen can help you transform that boring little task you’ve been dreading into a game.

Can you finish up before the timer rings?

It could also provide a fun way to make good on your resolution to practice the Pomodoro technique once and for all.

Price: $3.59

18. A solar-powered rainbow maker

solar powered rainbow-maker

A rainbow is one fail-proof way to make the dreariest office more fun. People sing about them, chase them, taste them, and more. To summarize, they make people happy.

Check out the solar-powered rainbow maker here.

Price: $31.99

19. A posture monitor

Our friends over at Lumo created a device called Lumo Lift.

You simply place a small sensor on your shirt that gently vibrated when you begin to slouch in your chair. They also have an app that tracks your posture, steps taken, and distance travelled over the course of a day.



Pretty sweet if you ask us!

Price: $79.99

20. A Be-Dazzler

Give your desk some flare by bedazzled staplers, scissors, and more. Discover how to get your dazzle on with this post from Shoplet.

bedazzled scissors

Price: $8.85

21. Kind pencils

recycled pencils

It’s pretty cool to know that your products are better for the environment. That’s why every major brand has been racing to offer “greener” and more environmentally friendly versions of their goods.

These recycled paper pencils are not only a modern office supply, they also save trees in the process and cut back on deforestation. Check them out!

Price: $6.00

22. A supply of stability balls and resistance bands

fun office supplies stability ball

Employees want more options to improve their health and lifestyle. Keeping some stability balls and resistance bands are a low-budget way of providing just that.

Your team will love getting some extra movement in…and they’ll enjoy some serious health benefits. Check out this combo pack listed on Amazon.

Price: $25.88

23. Color-coordinated office supplies

colorful office supplies

Need one quick rule to make ordinary office supplies more fun? Try bright colors.

These cool office accessories from Poppin in shades like orange, pink, and lime green.

Prices Vary

24. Undercover games

Not quite as frivolous as a regular table tennis set, these notebooks become paddles and a net whenever the time for a game is right.

Finally, you can have a heart- pumping game of table tennis…and still take notes diligently when the boss walks in.

fun office supplies, table tennis

Price: $20.00

25. Plants

plants for office

This is less of an office supply and more of a necessity for a cool office.

Check out this list of office plant benefits on the CIPHR blog (Hint: it includes reduced stress, greater productivity, and even softened ambient noise).

Prices Vary

26. Legos

fun office supplies, lego

Since they open the mind to creativity, building blocks have a place in every office. If you wait long enough you might even be able to buy The Office themed Legos. Toys don’t get more office-appropriate than that.

Prices Vary

27. Personalized anything

Business cards, mugs, post-its…if you can name it, you can personalize it on Zazzle.com. What’s a more unique office supply that are special for each person?

Deck out your office and boost employee morale with office supplies that scream your company culture.

Prices Vary

28. Computer sitters

computer sitter

These guys keep you company all day long. And if anyone asks, you can say they’re helping you be more productive… definitely not toys.

Price: $2.00 and up

29. A palm-sized portable speaker

Toss it, share it, and take it with you everywhere. The latest models of tiny portable speakers can make any office space more fun.

Jam out on Friday afternoons, lighten up a morning meeting, or even enjoy some easy classical listening during your afternoon coffee break.

Price: $29.00 and up

30. Pens that scan things

Don’t you sometimes wish you had a magic wand that could transform hard copies into digital files? Would you settle for a pen instead?

This model scans physical items like pictures and text blocks—then makes them digital on a USB!

Price: $49.95

31. These Super Mario Bros wall decals

super mario wall graphics

Stick these on any wall of the office for a pop of nostalgia.

Price: $75.00

32. Surface Skins from Blik

desk skin

What’s just as important as office supplies? The tables you put your office supplies on when you’re ready to do some amazing work.

Brand new office tables can run up a pretty penny, but these surface skins will rejuvenate any boring office surfaces for a remarkable price.

Price: $42.00 and up

33. Books

fun office supplies, books

Find books that relate to your company mission, that develop specific skills, or encourage creative thinking. Nothing else can offer so many educational and inspirational things in one small package!

You could even start a tiny library in your office where employees can share books that inspire them.

Prices Vary

34Patterned Wall Tiles from Blik

wall tiles

Just like the surface skins in #31, these patterned wall tiles make it easy to add pops of color and interest to your office without the investment or struggle of paint and wallpaper.

Price: $24.00 and up

35. Roller notes

roller notes

Roller notes could be the most fun way to leave someone a note…ever.

Price: $10.00

36. Cool trash cans

Trash cans are a necessary part of office life, and really, life in general. Since you need them, why not make the ones you stock in your office awesome?

This list of the 10 coolest cans from Oddee should give you the perfect start. These models expand, they contract, they even open via infrared sensors. These are not your father’s trash cans.

Prices Vary

37. Vintage fountain pens

fun office supplies, fountain pens

Transport employees to a simpler time of briefcases, typewriters, and of course, ridiculously fancy pens. These pens make the office fun, even if you only use them for show!

Price: $24.00

Bonus. A desktop party pack

desktop party pack

This handy party pack will make sure you never be caught without the ingredients for an impromptu office party again. It’s good to know you always have the tools to make employees feel special…right in your desk drawer!

Price: $8.99

So as you can see, cool office supplies really can make an office shine!

What unique office supplies do you use to perk up your office? Comment below to add your ideas to our list!

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