Episode 33 | How Chomps Went from 0 to 8-Figure Revenue with Just One Full Time Employee

with Chomps CEO Pete Maldonado and COO Rashid Ali

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No compromise.

Those two words sum up the Chomps brand better than any other.

Chomps make uber convenient, incredibly delicious meat snacks using 100% grass-fed beef. Their snacks contain no preservatives, no sugar and are certified Paleo, Non-GMO, and Whole30 approved.

Their committed to these standards hasn’t been without its share of obstacles. Like, how do you manufacture a consistent product while steering clear of preservatives? Turns out, you manually inspects every single stick that bears the Chomps brand – we’re talking millions every month.

But Chomps’ no compromise ethos has clearly struck a chord. The company has been profitable since day one, and seen year-over-year revenue growth between double and 10x..

What’s more astounding, Chomps co-founder and CEO Peter Maldonado was the company’s sole full time employee for the first five years of the brand’s existence.


We learned all this and more from Peter and fellow co-founder and COO Rashid Ali. In this conversation, Pete and Rashid tell the story of the brands origins in the crossfit world, break down the success of their ecomm-first approach, and tell us why their core values are sacrosanct.


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