2018 09, 2018

10 Top Tips to Create a Happy Workplace & Boost Employee Engagement

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Happy employees are more creative, innovative and dedicated than their unhappy counterparts. And, they’re more likely to stick around long-term. Sound too good to be true? Many studies show that employee happiness has a direct correlation to your business’s bottom line. Here are 10 top tips to help you create a happy workplace.

2018 07, 2018

36 Office Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work [with Pictures]

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Keep you and your team productive, inspired and motivated every day with these 36 office decor ideas to give your workplace an upgrade.

2018 02, 2018

Friend or Foe: the Ultimate Case for Office Food

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The debate is clear: free food or no food. Here we make an argument for the benefits of having the wildly controversial perk: office food. Case and point, having shared food around the workplace promotes productivity, team collaboration and workplace happiness. Think of it this way - there is a reason why every civilization, culture and region has their own distinct cuisine. It’s just that important.

2018 31, 2018

19 Simple DIY Office Organization Ideas to Boost Productivity

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These are tricks, tips, and hacks that we either use here at SnackNation, or that other companies are doing that we really love.

2018 29, 2018

New Year, New Snacks: 5 Upgrades to Keep Your Resolutions

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Resolutions and lifestyle changes can be hard to maintain after the initial shine of the challenge wears off. Don’t you think the new you deserves a treat? With the snacks in this list, you’ll be prepared to satisfy your cravings AND stick to your New Year goals.

2018 26, 2018

15 Ideas To Make Your Team Meetings Fun, Productive & Inspiring

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Most team meetings are boring and forgettable but they don't have to be. Once you try these 15 tips, you’ll have fun and even look forward to them!

2018 19, 2018

These 5 Snacks Will Supercharge Your 2018

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We love staying on top of the latest trends, especially when it comes to delicious, healthy snacks, so we’ve pulled together a list of the snacks to watch in 2018. These are the goodies we think your friends will be talking about this year!

2018 19, 2018

59 Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2018 (Plus 10 New Bonus Ideas)

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Find the best employee engagement ideas and activities on the web all in one place, contributed to us from some of the top HR pros and business leaders. Includes 10 new bonus ideas!

2018 14, 2018

16 Awesome Employee Perks Your Team Will Love [Updated for 2018]

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Lavish perks have become the norm for in-demand workers in all types of industries - but what are the best company perks, and more importantly, which perks will make the biggest impact on your business? The answers might surprise you…

2018 05, 2018

The Super Simple Guide to Discovering & Buying Snacks Your Whole Office Will Love

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The Super Simple Guide to Discovering & Buying Snacks Your [...]

2017 29, 2017

7 Can’t-Miss Office Manager Conferences in 2018

By | Dec, 29, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

We’ve pulled together a list of the seven Office Manager conferences you can’t miss in 2018. Designed specifically for Office Managers, these conferences allow you to select the skills you want to focus on and provide the practical instruction you need to learn—and master—a variety of new skills.

2017 29, 2017

9 of the Best Executive Assistant Conferences in 2018

By | Dec, 29, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

These no-fluff conferences are catered specifically to the needs of executive assistants. They pack comprehensive instruction into reasonable time frames and send you home eagerly to put your new ideas into action.

2017 29, 2017

8 Administrative Professional Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2018

By | Dec, 29, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

After taking just a little time off to attend one of these conferences, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to manage your workload and grow into new responsibilities.

2017 12, 2017

Secrets To Throwing A Stress- (And Guilt-) Free Holiday Party

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Secrets To Throwing A Stress- (And Guilt-) Free Holiday Party [...]

2017 06, 2017

Use it or Lose It – 5 Great Ways to Spend That End of Year Budget

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You’ve worked hard all year to make every dollar of your departmental budget count - and you actually have money left over. The smart thing to do is invest your extra budget in things that are actually valuable - and that you can justify when Finance takes a look at your 11th hour spending.

2017 04, 2017

21 Helpful Tools Every Executive Assistant Should Know About

By | Dec, 04, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

We vetted tons of the best Executive Assistant tools out there to bring you a curated list of the top 21 resources we know will make your life easier.

2017 30, 2017

How to Avoid a Holiday Diet Fail

By | Nov, 30, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

The biggest annual obstacle to healthy eating is just around the corner: the holidays. Have no fear! We’re here to help you enjoy the holidays while staying healthy. Here’s a list of better-for-you holiday snacks to fight off cravings and activities to get you out and moving.

2017 27, 2017

How This Office Manager Transitioned Into a Dream Job in Less Than a Year

By | Oct, 27, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Here’s how Max landed a job at his dream company, & how he transitioned from Office Manager to his current role in less than a year.

2017 24, 2017

Upgrade Your Halloween with These 5 Healthy(er) Treats

By | Oct, 24, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

You may be a bit too old for trick-or-treating, but you’re not too old to treat yourself! You and your BFFs can pass the sugary candy onto the kids while guiltlessly munching on your own healthy goodies. Here’s a collection of salty and sweet bites for an unforgettable potluck that will have your whole crew cheesing out.

2017 17, 2017

A Snackable Salute to Fair Trade Month

By | Oct, 17, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

We love all things fair trade, but we also want to applaud brands that treat animals with kindness, use simple, non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients, stay true to their family-owned-and-operated roots, and more. Because really, when it comes to positive change, doing good—any kind of good— is what it’s all about!