2019 16, 2019

Episode 120 | How to Supercharge Your Business with Happiness, with Delivering Happiness CEO Jenn Lim

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Is happiness something good leaders should care about? Ask most business leaders fifteen years ago, and you’d be hard pressed to find one who thought that happiness was a primary concern. Work should be about results, right? Happiness is incidental at best. Then came along a little company called Zappos.

2019 09, 2019

Episode 119 | Why You Should Ignore Industry Trends, w/ Becky and Jeremy Dahl, Founding Partners at Bex Brands

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Our guests this week are Becky and Jeremy Dahl, the creative minds behind Bex Brands. Together they lead an agency that specializes in packaging design, brand identity, and brand management in the packaged goods industry (i.e., they are the perfect guests for Brand Builder). If Bex Brands sounds familiar, that might be because they’re the agency behind the transformative brand refresh and packaging redesign for Lily’s Sweets (episode 116).

2019 03, 2019

Episode 118 | Why This Mission-Driven Bracelet Brand is Launching a Beverage, with Lokai CEO & founder Steven Izen

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Our guest this week is Steven Izen, the CEO and founder of Lokai. In simplest terms, Lokai makes bracelets that promote balance. In every Lokai bracelet, one of the beads contains water from the top of Mount Everest and another contains mud from the Dead Sea - a reminder to stay humble in life’s high points and hopeful in life’s low points. But while Lokai bracelets symbolize balance, the brand is coming out with a new functional product line that promotes balance in a much more tangible way.

2019 26, 2019

Episode 117 | How to Name Your Brand for Maximum Recall, with Siegel+Gale Group Director of Naming Aaron Hall

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This week on Brand Builder, we're talking about one of the most important aspects of your brand, yet one that so often ends up being accidental, un-strategic, or even an afterthought. The name. Whether it’s your brand or a new SKU or product, a name is the ultimate first impression. And if you do it right, a name can do a lot of work for you - set a tone or mood, impart critical information, or communicate a core value. To tell us how to do it right, we’ve got Aaron Hall, the Group Director of Naming at Siegel+Gale

2019 19, 2019

Episode 116 | How Data Can Help Your Brand Find Its Sweet Spot, with Lily’s Sweets CEO Jane Miller

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Our guest this week is Jane Miller, the CEO of Lily’s sweets. Lily’s make a line of delicious chocolate bars, baking bits and baking bars that have less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. Jane represents a slightly different type of guest for us. She's a CEO with 35 years of food business experience... but not a founder. Jane’s background is as a high level executive at places like Heinz and Frito Lay, and she joined Lily's with a specific goal in mind: help scale the business. With a new look, new SKUs, and the rising tide of awareness around the drawbacks of too much sugar, the brand is poised for breakout success.

2019 12, 2019

Episode 115 | How to Maximize Your Brand’s Impact Through Masterful Storytelling

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This week, a conversation with Omaze co-founder and CEO Ryan Cummins. Omaze is an online fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of charitable causes. They've worked with a who's-who of A-list celebrities, including the cast of Game of Thrones, George Clooney, the gang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia... and that’s barely scratching the surface . But what Omaze really does is tell stories. Their philanthropic model relies on getting consumers excited, and they do that through their incredibly creative campaigns. They've raised more than $150M for over 400 different charities.

2019 05, 2019

Episode 114 | How Discomfort and Stress Create High Performance, with 15five CEO David Hassell

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If you're a business leader, employee happiness should never be your goal. Sound strange? That's according to today’s Brand Builder guest, David Hassell. David is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of 15five, software that makes continuous employee feedback simple, and helps drive high-performing cultures.

2019 29, 2019

Episode 113 | A Creative’s Guide to Building an Irresistible Brand Identity

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How important is my logo? How do I hire a designer? Do I need to rebrand? Can I rebrand? What's a brand book anyway? This week we learn the answer to all these questions and more from veteran Creative Director Eric Wilkinson.

2019 22, 2019

Episode 112 | How to Partner with Nike, Starbucks, and Apple

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In honor of National Ice Cream Day, we're talking to Dream Pops CEO and Co-Founder David Greenfeld. Dream Pops is a plant-based frozen dessert, packed with superfoods, but made without dairy, gluten and soy. Its innovative shape and consistency make it remarkably snackable (which we love), and with a 3-star Michelin chef concocting the flavors, it's downright delicious.

2019 15, 2019

Episode 111 | How Kuju Is Bringing Premium Pour Over Coffee to a Campsite Near You, w/ Co-Founders Jeff & Justin Wiguna

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It’s summer, and hopefully for you that means spending some time in the great outdoors. And whether you're hiking, camping, or glamping, we've found a new must-add item to your outdoor gear checklist - Kuju Coffee. This week, we have brothers and co-founders Jeff and Justin Wiguna of Kuju, a premium, single-serve pour over coffee brand. Kuju is perfect for anytime you want great coffee on-the-go, but it's really caught on among outdoor enthusiasts.

2019 08, 2019

Episode 110 | How Optimism Turned $200 Into $100 Million, with Life Is Good CEO Bert Jacobs

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Life isn’t easy. Life isn’t perfect. But life is good. That’s the motto that has propelled Life Is Good - the lifestyle clothing brand that celebrates optimism - from a $200 initial investment in 1989 to a $100M company today.

2019 01, 2019

Episode 109 | How to Leverage PR Like a Boss and Not Waste Money, with Sabina Gault (Konnect Agency)

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Today's media landscape moves at lightning speed. The PR tactics you used 18 or even 12 months ago just aren’t as effective today. Each year you have throw out your playbook and start fresh.  This week’s guest is Sabina Gault, the CEO of Konnect Agency. She's here to tell you how to design campaigns that succeed in today’s media landscape, and how to continually evolve your approach, so that you can make PR work for you without wasting time and money.

2019 24, 2019

Episode 108 | How to Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential, with Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday

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Building a brand isn’t just about the tactical and strategic. It’s also about the abstract and the esoteric. Things like leadership, culture, personal development, even psychology - they all play a part, and they can all be difference-makers. That’s why we’re bringing you this live conversation with Ryan Holiday, a bestselling author, media strategist, and the former marketing director of American Apparel. Ryan has been in the trenches for years, building brands to unbelievable heights, and today he is one of the most highly regarded marketing minds of his generation.

2019 17, 2019

Episode 107 | How to Grow Your Brand From $1M to $10M in 12 Months…Guaranteed

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When it comes down to it, what is a brand? Ask a hundred founders, and you might get a hundred different answers. But this week's guest has a simple, compelling answer -- Words. That's according to Dave Gerhardt, the VP of Marketing at Drift. Why words? Because at the end of the day, a brand all comes down to the stories you tell and the emotions that resonate with your customer. And the medium through which these flow are almost always words on a page (or a screen, as it were). And if a brand is made of words, then copywriting is the most important brand building skill there is. Dave joins us to share his unique approach to marketing, gives us his top trade show tip, and describes the strategies you need to grow your business from $1M to $10M in just 12 months.

2019 10, 2019

Episode 106 | How Vital Proteins Built a Billion Dollar Brand in Less Than 5 Years, Kurt Seidensticker

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Kurt Seidensticker thought Vital Proteins was a paleo running company. Turns out he was building a billion dollar beauty brand. We talked to Kurt about his unconventional path to entrepreneurship (he spent his early career teaching astronauts to fly the space shuttle), his successful influencer marketing strategies, and why #wesprint is his team’s internal motto.

2019 03, 2019

Episode 105 | Why this Gen Z Founder Dropped out of College to Talk About Menstruation, with Aunt Flow CEO & Founder Claire Coder

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When Aunt Flow founder Claire Coder talks about the "hidden cost of menstruation," this is what she means: 86% of women have had their period at work and didn't have access to menstrual products. 64% of women have left work because of this reason. School attendance for young girls decreases by 2.4% among young girls who don't have access to menstrual products. To Claire, these stats are unacceptable. What's worse, they all stem from one fact about how our society deals with menstruation - We don't talk about it. Meet the woman who wants to change all that.

2019 28, 2019

Episode 104 | How to Become a Conscious Leader, with author Diana Chapman

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Ask yourself - as a leader, are you coming from a place of fear and uncertainty? Do you look for fault and blame in others, cling to an opinion and fixed worldview, and believe in scarcity over abundance? Or are you open to outside interpretations, curious about the world around you, and committed to learning more about yourself and those around you? In other words, are you leading below or above the line?

2019 20, 2019

Episode 103 | How Health-Ade Kombucha Became the Fastest Selling Refrigerated Beverage in America, with Health-Ade CEO and co-founder Daina Trout

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This week we’ve got Daina Trout, the CEO and co-founder of Health-Ade Kombucha. If you’re not familiar, kombucha is a high acid, low sugar, bubbly beverage, and Health-Ade makes the best testing and highest quality kombucha you can buy. One of the most fascinating things about the Health-Ade story is that they’ve successfully scaled the small batch, artisanal production that makes for great kombucha. It’s pretty crazy - they are the fastest growing company in all of refrigerated beverage, yet they still brew in 2.5 gallon glass jars. (They just have 250,000 of them.) Dainia gets real and vulnerable in this interview. She talks about the highs and lows of building a business, dealing with the self doubt you feel as an entrepreneur, and even near death experiences that changed her perspective on life and business.

2019 13, 2019

Episode 102 | How dosist is Becoming the Starbucks of Cannabis, with dosist CEO Gunner Winston

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“What we’re going after is almost once in a generation.” Dosist CEO Gunner Winston has big plans for the brand. Founded with the goal of creating the first cannabis products based on the science behind the plant, dosist first made a name for itself through product innovation. Their dose pens, which deliver a consistent dose of THC, even landed them on TIME magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2016 list. But what really drives dosist is a strong brand identity, one that elevates benefits over features, taps into customer aspirations, and has more in common with Nike, Apple, and Starbucks than your typical cannabis company.

2019 06, 2019

Episode 101 | How KRAVE Sparked a Modern CPG Revolution

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We’ve interviewed a lot of great jerky brands on Brand Builder: Country Archer, Field Trip, Chomps, all progressive brands who have helped people see the category in a whole new light. But every single one of these brands give props to one brand that did it first and paved the way for the rest - KRAVE. So of course, we’ve been dying to get Jon Sebastiani, the founder of KRAVE jerky on the podcast for a while now. The wait is over, as Jon joined us in the Brand Builder studio for this incredible interview.