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2018 15, 2018

Episode 68 | How Soylent is Tackling Some of Society’s Biggest Challenges, with Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley

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This week on Brand Builder our guest is Bryan Crowley, the CEO of Soylent. Founded in 2013, the Los Angeles-based company garnered a ton of early attention by bringing a futuristic, Silicon Valley-style approach to food and nutrition. Because of all this early press, Soylent is a brand that people think they understand… but we'd argue really don’t.

2018 11, 2018

Episode 67 | How Irrational Generosity Drives Today’s Most Successful Leaders, with WORLDZ CEO Roman Tsunder

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This week we have a special bonus episode. We’re releasing one of our favorite interviews featuring Roman Tsunder, the mastermind behind WORLDZ and PTTOW. If you haven’t heard, WORLDZ is a global summit that unites tomorrow’s leaders with CEOs, CMOs & cultural icons to create the world of tomorrow. As you’ll hear in the conversation between Roman and SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly, the driving force for Roman has been his belief in what he calls “irrational generosity.” It’s something he’s experienced personally in the most successful leaders, and that he believes is actually the key to their success.

2018 08, 2018

Episode 66 | How WeWork and SoulCycle Built Their Tribe of Raving Fans, with WeWork Partner and SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice

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Jane Buckingham is the CEO of consumer insights firm Trendera, a bestselling author, and an expert on the generational factors shaping the modern workplace. In this long form interview, she breaks down how Millennials have reshaped work culture as we know it.

2018 04, 2018

Episode 65 | The Ultimate Guide to the Millennial Workplace, with CEO, author, and career expert Jane Buckingham

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Jane Buckingham is the CEO of consumer insights firm Trendera, a bestselling author, and an expert on the generational factors shaping the modern workplace. In this long form interview, she breaks down how Millennials have reshaped work culture as we know it.

2018 01, 2018

Episode 64 | How MatchaBar, Drake, and Ansel Elgort Broke the Internet, with MatchaBar co-founder Graham Fortgang

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What if you could combine the energy of a Samurai Warrior with the focus of a Buddhist monk? According to this week’s guest, this is precisely the promise of matcha. For those not yet in the know, matcha is a fine powder made from stone ground green tea leaves. On the show this week this week is Matcha expert and evangelist Graham Fortgang, the co-founder of MatchaBar.

2018 24, 2018

Episode 63 | How Bitsy’s is Building a Movement Through Brand Storytelling

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Bitsy’s is a brand with a message. They believe that good things come in small packages, that hope and success are inextricably linked, and that small acts of goodness can add up to something monumental. And of course, they're a brand with a message in a more literal sense too - their newest SKU “Good Cookies” has inspirational messages printed on the cookies themselves. The non-cookie vehicle for these message is through brand storytelling, a topic that we go deep on with Bitsy's co-founder Maggie Patton.

2018 20, 2018

Episode 62 | Why a Customer-Centric Mindset is the Key to a World Class Employee Experience

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We’ve talked a lot on this show about how your internal culture informs your external product and brand, and that is definitely still true. But this week we look at this dynamic from the other direction - how a customer-centric mindset should influence the way you think about your company’s culture. This idea has a name - “Employee Experience” - and it’s top-of-mind for CEOs and people-focused leaders at high performing companies. And sure, it’s a bit of a buzzword, but in a tight candidate market, understanding Employee Experience can have a huge impact on your business.

2018 17, 2018

Episode 61 | How Lenny and Larry’s Bootstrapped a Cookie Empire, with founder Barry Turner and EVP Aaron Croutch

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This week on Brand Builder we have Barry Turner, the founder of Lenny and Larry’s. Barry is a bit of a Renaissance man - he's a former competitive bodybuilder and American Gladiator turned protein cookie pioneer. He helped create the baked nutrition category back in 1993 when he and his then partner asked, “Why can’t we put the protein in this chicken breast… into that muffin?” Today, the Lenny and Larry’s effect is felt across the natural foods space. Protein-infused snacks are everywhere as consumers are beginning to understand the importance of high-quality protein to their overall health and nutrition.

2018 14, 2018

How to Make Your Coworker’s Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable [Updated]

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How to Make Your Coworker's Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable With [...]

2018 10, 2018

Episode 60 | How Daily Harvest is Leading a Frozen Revolution, with Daily Harvest founder and CEO Rachel Drori

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What comes to mind when someone says the words "frozen food"? Probably dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, ice cream, or the long forgotten TV dinner hanging out in the back of your freezer. And that's the problem. What most people don't know is that freezing food - particularly produce - has a ton of health and nutrition advantages. For example, did you know that blueberries have 200% more vitamin C when frozen versus fresh after 3 days. Or that spinach has 25% more vitamin E after 3 days when its frozen? Bonkers.

2018 06, 2018

Episode 59 | How to Become Your Best You, with Author and CEO Marcus Buckingham

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There's no doubt that today, Marcus Buckingham is a master communicator. The entrepreneur and best selling author of First, Break All the Rules and Discover Your Strengths is one of the foremost experts on employee engagement and performance, and is a sought after speaker on these topics. You’d probably never guess that he grew up with a debilitating stammer. It's true: for the first eleven years of his life, this master wordsmith and public speaker couldn’t speak.

2018 03, 2018

Episode 58 | How Kuli Kuli Landed in 350+ National Publications without a Single Press Release, with Kuli Kuli founder & CEO Lisa Curtis

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This week on Brand Builder we talk to Lisa Curtis, the founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli, the company that is taking moringa mainstream. What’s moringa? Only the next great superfood, with a leaf more nutrient-dense than kale. Kuli Kuli has been featured in more than 350 national publications and around 10 national broadcasts - including MSNBC and Good Morning America - all without hiring a PR firm or writing a single press release.

2018 27, 2018

Episode 57 | How Sugarfina Hit $40M in Revenue with Zero Marketing Spend

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The next time an ROI-obsessed executive or board member questions why you're so heavily invested in something “fuzzy” like brand, throw this quote back at them: "We were able to get to $40M, no marketing spend." That's Rosie O'Neill, the co-founder and co-CEO of Sugarfina, and our guest on this week’s Brand Builder. You may have seen Sugarfina at an upscale mall or a Nordstrom near you - they’re a luxury candy boutique for grown-ups that brings a fresh and fashionable approach to confections, and a true disruptor in the $200B confections industry.

2018 24, 2018

Episode 56 | How Hippeas is Applying a Big CPG Approach to Brand Building, with Green Park Brands founder & CEO Livio Bisterzo

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"Millennials are the modern hippies. They go to Coachella and want the world to be a better place - that was the insight.” That's Livio Bisterzo, the CEO of Green Park Brands, the brand studio behind the insanely popular puffed snack Hippeas. This week, we talk to Livio about taking a consumer-oriented, Big CPG approach to building startup brands. Plus, he fills us in on the unintended consequences of launching in Starbucks, why he's bullish on billboards, and of course, why he believes Millennials are the hippies of today.

2018 17, 2018

How to Retain Employees: 18 Practical Takeaways from 7 Case Studies

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Learning how to retain employees is a top concern for today’s CEOs and HR pros … and for good reason. According to a 2014 attrition survery by consulting firm Mercer, voluntary turnover is up 5% since 2011. Job-hopping, it seems, is increasingly becoming the norm, thanks in part to a workforce comprised of more and more Millennial workers, who are likely to have twice as many jobs over their lifetimes as baby boomers.

2018 16, 2018

SnackNation Tops Inc. Magazine’s 37th Annual List of Fastest-Growing Companies

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CULVER CITY - August 15th, 2018 – SnackNation, the leading nationwide tech-enabled, better-for-you snack marketplace ranked 24th on the annual Inc. 5,000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing companies. In addition to the top overall ranking, SnackNation placed 2nd overall in the Food + Beverage category which includes three brand partners featured in SnackNation boxes: Chomps, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky, and moringa superfood Kuli Kuli.

2018 15, 2018

Episode 55 | How to Succeed in Chobani’s Highly Selective Incubator

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A few years ago, “incubation” wasn’t a term you really heard in CPG at all. That's definitely changed. Whether it’s Big CPG or a venture capital firm, the big strategics are trying to get closer to that early stage innovation, and incubation is one way to do that. The list of brands finding success within the incubator model seems to be growing exponentially. But many - if not most - of the food incubators we see today are modeled after something like TechStars: the incubator provides mentorship, funding, a community, all in exchange for an equity stake in the company. Sometimes that’s a great arrangement for founders. But not always. In fact, many of these models are anything but "founder friendly." Chobani has come around and turned this model on its head.

2018 13, 2018

Episode 54 | How This Superfood Hunter Discovered the World’s Healthiest Nut, with Barukas cofounder Darin Olien

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This week on Brand Builder we speak to someone who claims to have discovered the world’s healthiest nut. And by the looks of it, he’s on to something. Darin Olien is widely recognized as an authority and valuable resource on plant–based nutrition, supplement formulation and elite performance programs. He’s also a global superfood hunter, and he and the team at Barukas are on a mission to bring the obscure baru nut to the masses.

2018 10, 2018

Episode 53 | Culture Builder: How to Lead with Love and Forget Fear, with bestselling author Robyn O’Brien

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When people in the food industry meet Robyn O’Brien for the first time, they often remark, “Funny, you don’t look like one of them.” “One of them,” presumably being the stereotypical food or environmental activist. And in a way, they're right. Robyn is a self-described “conservative Texas mom” raised in a military family, and admittedly, the last person you’d expect to be leading a crusade to reform the food industry. Yet she is at the forefront of a movement to fundamentally rethink what goes into our nation’s food supply.

2018 10, 2018

How Purpose Can Help Your Brand Gain Competitive Edge and Boost Customer Attitudes

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How Purpose Can Help Your Brand Gain Competitive Edge and [...]