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2018 11, 2018

Episode 47 | How to Find Your Legacy as a Leader with Dr. John Izzo, Author of The Purpose Revolution

By | Jul, 11, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

Our guest this week is Dr. John Izzo, author of six bestselling books, most recently releasing The Purpose Revolution, a manual to show leaders and companies how to transform their corporate culture so they can succeed in the midst of this Purpose Revolution.

2018 09, 2018

Episode 46 | How Bohana Brought a Brand New Single-Ingredient Product to the US Market, with Bohana Co-Founders Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb

By | Jul, 09, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

What does it take to bring a totally new product to the US market? How do you go about sourcing the highest quality option for a single-ingredient product? How do you bring an ancient Indian practice to the US CPG industry? Even after just a couple months to market, Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb of Bohana have answered these questions with their newly launched snack: popped water lily seeds. Yes, that’s a thing - and we’ll tell all about how this dynamic duo is bringing this functional and delicious Indian ingredient to The States.

2018 06, 2018

23 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Wellbeing

By | Jul, 06, 2018|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Employee wellbeing goes beyond just health and wellness programs. Here are 23 ways to boost wellbeing in the workplace with a holistic point of view.

2018 02, 2018

Episode 45 | How Karma Nuts Created a Category-Leading Brand Out of a Commodity, with Karma Nuts CEO and founder Ganesh Nair

By | Jul, 02, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

Can you turn a commodity into a brand? How do you take something familiar, and build a story around it? How do you make something old new again? Karma Nuts is doing exactly that. Founder and CEO Ganesh Nair has brought innovation and brand building to the common cashew. The innovation is so simple, it’s genius. Karma Nuts are wrapped, meaning they are presented with the skin on, which increases the flavor and provides as much antioxidants as blueberries and other superfoods.

2018 25, 2018

Episode 43 | How the Best Brands are Using Consumer Insights to Win, with Love With Food founder Aihui Ong

By | Jun, 25, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

I think it’s fair to say that many entrepreneurs (or their investors) have an exit in mind as they're building their brand. It’s a familiar trope - work like crazy for a few years, build some buzz and some momentum, and eventually a bigger fish is bound to snatch you up. Of course, the reality of the experience is usually much different.

2018 21, 2018

Episode 42 | How to Create a Culture of Rapid Personal Growth, with Impact Theory CEO and Quest Nutrition co-founder Tom Bilyeu

By | Jun, 21, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

To follow up our conversation with KNOW Foods co-CEO Yemeni Mesa, we're replaying this classic culture-focused interview with Tom Bilyeu. Tom is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and now leads Impact Theory, a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Their mission? To “free people from The Matrix,” which he explains in this interview.

2018 20, 2018

SnackNation Acquires Love With Food

By | Jun, 20, 2018|Categories: Press|

LOS ANGELES – June 20, 2018 – SnackNation, the leading nationwide tech-enabled snack marketplace, today announced the acquisition of EdgiLife and its brand Love With Food, a consumer insights and data analytics company with one of the nation's largest direct-to-consumer snack subscription services. EdgiLife is the creator of a proprietary insights platform that enables emerging food, beverage and CPG brands to tap into valuable customer intelligence while placing products in the hands of the right hyper-targeted consumers. As a result of the acquisition, SnackNation is now able to serve hundreds of thousands of consumers through both the office and the home in every state across America. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

2018 18, 2018

Episode 41 | How to Master the Ecomm Ecosystem, with EBOOST founder Josh Taekman

By | Jun, 18, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

This week we have Josh Taekman, the founder of EBOOST. EBOOST provides clean performance products that increase energy, focus, and all-around well-being. One of the coolest things about EBOOST - from the beginning Josh and his team decided to treat it more like a fashion brand, and really make a lifestyle play in the CPG space. The company also recently went through a brand refresh that looks amazing, and launched an RTD (ready to drink) clean energy product. On top of all the brand building strategies, Josh had some amazing stories from his time in the music industry working with Sean Combs (yes, that Sean Combs) and coming this close to launching a massive joint venture with 50 Cent.

2018 13, 2018

SnackNation Teams with Cargo and Snapchat to Offer Snacks to Los Angeles Rideshare Customers

By | Jun, 13, 2018|Categories: Press|

LOS ANGELES – June 13, 2018 – SnackNation, the leading nationwide tech-enabled snack delivery service, today announced collaborations with Cargo, a provider of in-car goods and services for rideshare customers. Now passengers in Cargo-equipped rideshare cars can order complimentary and retail snacks curated by SnackNation, directly through the Snapchat app by scanning the Snapcode printed on every Cargo box.

2018 11, 2018

Episode 40 | How to Launch the Ultimate Influencer Strategy, with KNOW Foods Co-CEO Yemeni Mesa

By | Jun, 11, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

If you have an innovative or functional product, you know that one of the biggest challenges is spreading the word about its features and benefits. One problem - people don’t connect with information. Consumers connect more on an emotional level, with aspirational messages or lifestyle images. A dissertation on the metabolic integrity of non-GMO allulose… that just isn’t going to land. The KNOW Foods team have found a solution - unleash the power of influencers. This week, KNOW Foods Co-CEO Yemeni Mesa joins us to talk about the influencer strategy that's changing the game for the rapidly growing, keto-friendly baked goods brand.

2018 04, 2018

Episode 39 | How to Survive a Pivot and Become Exit-Worthy, with BFY Managing Partner and Plum Organics Founder Gigi Lee Chang

By | Jun, 04, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

There are certain guests for whom there's just no denying - this person is a bonafide Brand Builder. But Gigi Lee Chang, she’s something else. When you look at her body of work thus far, she's not just a Brand Builder, she's more like a Brand Renaissance Woman. This week, Gigi Lee joins SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly to discuss this remarkable trajectory, and to share her lessons learned along the way. The pair discuss the packaging innovation that helped make Plum Organics a hit, the BFY model and why it's important to fuel growth without dilution, and the somewhat unexpected mindset you need to position your company for an exit.

2018 31, 2018

Episode 38 | How to Turn Your Beliefs into a Brand (and Raise a Billion Dollars), with Fair.com Founder Scott Painter

By | May, 31, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

We’re back with another “Culture Builder” edition of the podcast, where we focus on how to build great teams and become the leader your brand needs to reach that next level. This week’s guest is someone who - it might be argued - represents the very embodiment of success. We’re talking about Scott Painter, probably best known as the founder and CEO of both True Car and Cars Direct. He’s made a name for himself by launching and leading disruptive companies that anticipate consumer behavior and capture huge markets. But as is usually the case, its’ rarely ever that simple. In this fireside chat with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly, Scott reveals that while he has climbed to the heights of success multiple times… he’s also lost it all just as many times. We mean really lost it all. As in lost his home, lost relationships, you name it.

2018 31, 2018

SnackNation Raises $12 Million In Series B Funding

By | May, 31, 2018|Categories: Press|

LOS ANGELES – May 30, 2018 – SnackNation, the award-winning nationwide tech-enabled snack delivery service, today announced the company has secured $12 million in Series B Funding. The Investment was led by 3L Capital. The round brings SnackNation's total venture funding to $22.5 million.

2018 30, 2018

Episode 37 | How to Refresh Your Brand for Massive Growth, with Amir Haque (Mistress) and Alysse Burroni (SnackNation)

By | May, 30, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

A logo that you designed yourself on a cross country flight. Package design you slapped together in powerpoint minutes before the first production run. A brand name that you landed on because, well, the URL was available. In the startup world, there’s no shortage of accidentally, stumbled upon, or just plain DIY brands. But why have an accidental brand when you can have a strategic one? A well-thought out brand might just be the one thing holding you back from your next big growth phase. This week on brand builder we talk about the rebrand, and how refreshing your brand can position you for massive growth.

2018 23, 2018

SnackNation Is Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces

By | May, 23, 2018|Categories: Press|

LOS ANGELES – May 23, 2018 – SnackNation, the leading nationwide tech-enabled snack delivery service focused on the enterprise, was named one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2018. The list magnifies innovative companies that are raising the bar when it comes to hiring, developing and retaining today’s top talent.

2018 21, 2018

Episode 36 | How to Exponentially Grow Sales and Land in More Than 16k Stores, with Country Archer CEO Eugene Kang

By | May, 21, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

Our guests this week are Eugene Kang and Mathew Thalakotur, the CEO and Marketing Director at Country Archer Jerky Co. Under their leadership, the brand has seen exponential growth, doubling sales each year for four years, and landing in more than 16k stores. Eugene and Mathew joined us in studio to talk about the origins (and accidental rediscovery) of Country Archer, the challenges and advantages of reinvigorating a heritage brand, hiring, and the right way to launch your next product.

2018 17, 2018

Episode 35 | How to Build a Game Changing Brand through Honesty, with the Honest Company’s Christopher Gavigan

By | May, 17, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

We're back with another culture-focused episode. This time we bring you a conversation with Honest Company co-founder and CPO (that's Chief Purpose Officer) Christopher Gavigan. Believe it or not, Christopher doesn’t run a CPG brand. That’s because the energetic co-founder considers Honest – the makers of beautifully designed, environmentally friendly, and unquestionably safe household products for parents and kids – to be a “portfolio of trust” rather than a typical consumer goods label.

2018 14, 2018

Episode 34 | How to Use Data and Sampling to Turn Insights Into Sales, with Vegetarian Traveler CEO Christy Krejci

By | May, 14, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

This week on Brand Builder we’ve got Christy Krejci, the co-founder and CEO of Vegetarian Traveler. In many ways, the Vegetarian Traveler origin story is a classic entrepreneurial tale. Christy and her husband/co-founder Chuck had been committed vegetarians for many years, and had always been looking for an easy way to add plant-based protein to their meals. After waiting for someone else to solve this problem, they realized they had to do it themselves. Luckily for all of us, Vegetarian Traveler was born.

2018 07, 2018

Episode 33 | How Chomps Went from 0 to 8-Figure Revenue with Just One Full Time Employee, with Chomps CEO Pete Maldonado and COO Rashid Ali

By | May, 07, 2018|Categories: Brand Builder|

No compromise. Those two words sum up the Chomps brand better than any other. Chomps make uber convenient, incredibly delicious meat snacks using 100% grass-fed beef. Their snacks contain no preservatives, no sugar and are certified Paleo, Non-GMO, and Whole30 approved. Their committed to these standards hasn't been without its share of obstacles. Like, how do you manufacture a consistent product while steering clear of all preservatives? Turns out, you manually inspects every single stick that bears the Chomps brand - we're talking millions every month. But Chomps' no compromise ethos has clearly struck a cord. The company has been profitable since day one, and seen year-over-year revenue growth between double and 10x every year since their 2011 launch.

2018 04, 2018

How the Best Executive Assistants Set and Hit Their Goals

By | May, 04, 2018|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Goal setting is the perfect way to make sure you’re constantly augmenting your abilities and continuing to add value for your executive, and ultimately, for the business.