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Emil Shour is the Content Manager at SnackNation. His goal? To help companies create better places to work by improving health, inspiring teams to improve together, and making the office a fun and productive environment.
2016 09, 2016

5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips That Will Make Your Coworkers Go Bananas

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5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips That Will Make Your Coworkers [...]

2016 01, 2016

Snack Buying Tips Thank You

By | Jan, 01, 2016|Categories: Private|

Thank you! We'll be contacting you shortly to learn [...]

2016 01, 2016

5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips for Busy HR Professionals

By | Jan, 01, 2016|Categories: Private|

5 Kick-Ass Office Snack Buying Tips for Busy HR Professionals 1. Don't be cheap. Cheap [...]

2015 19, 2015

7 Super Effective Ways Healthy Snacks Will Reboot Your Team’s Health and Save Your Company Money

By | Nov, 19, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

If you read any article on improving health and wellness at your office, you will undoubtably find a suggestion to offer your team healthy meal or snacks options. But did you know that investing in your team's health can also affect your company's bottom-line?

2015 19, 2015

9 Unexpected Facts About Having Healthy Snacks In The Workplace

By | Nov, 19, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

You already know that providing snacks for your employees is the key to making them happier. But there are some other facts about how snacks (especially healthier ones) can improve your team's health, happiness and productivity.

2015 23, 2015

11 Shocking Employee Happiness Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

By | Oct, 23, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

All businesses and organizations want happier employees. The problem is that too many of these companies think that higher profits are more important. However, more and more evidence is showing that employee happiness is a huge reason why companies are able to earn more and be more successful. This infographic will help you understand how important this correlation really is.

2015 24, 2015

11 Insanely Powerful and Motivational Videos For Your Team

By | Jul, 24, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

When Monday morning meetings roll around, it's easy to look around the room and see a lot of unmotivated faces. One thing I believe our company does better than 95% of other companies is how well the leaders motivate the employees around them. Each Monday at noon, we hold a "Sensei Session". These company-wide meetings are a way for our CEO to give company announcements and for anyone in the company to come up and give a presentation on something they're really passionate about.

2015 02, 2015

How to Eat Healthy on The Go

By | Jul, 02, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Whether you’re at an amusement park, the airport, taking a road trip or grabbing a snack from a vending machine, you don’t have to settle for junk food. In fact, it’s getting easier and easier to find quality healthful food in the most unlikely places. Here's how to eat healthy when you're on the go.