Episode 43 | How the Best Brands are Using Consumer Insights to Win,

with Love With Food founder Aihui Ong

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I think it’s fair to say that many entrepreneurs (or their investors) have an exit in mind as they’re building their brand. It’s a familiar trope – work like crazy for a few years, build some buzz and some momentum, and eventually a bigger fish is bound to snatch you up.

Of course, the reality of the experience is usually much different.

We wanted to know – what’s that experience really like? Why do companies consider mergers and acquisitions? How do you court a buyer? How do you reach a deal, and maybe more importantly, what happens next? Is it a matter of handing off the reigns to your new strategic partners, or is it something else?

To answer these questions, we’ve got Aihui Ong, the founder of EdgiLife and now the SVP of data and insights at SnackNation. This week on Brand Builder we bring you under the hood, going in depth on SnackNation’s recent acquisition of EdgiLife and their marquee brand Love With Food. She tells us why she founded Love With Food, why she decided to merge with SnackNation, and what it’s like to integrate her team into a brand new (albeit aligned) company culture.

We also speak to Aihui about data and insights, and learn how the best brands leverage data throughout their life cycle to get a step ahead of the competition.


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