Episode 27 | How to Work with 7-Eleven & their 63,000 Stores, with 7-Ventures’ Marisa Bertha

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When you think about the major distribution channels in the natural products space, you probably think of Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Kroger, maybe UNFI. I’m guessing your brain doesn’t automatically go to 7-Eleven.

But with an evolving product offering and 63,000 stores worldwide, maybe it should.

This week we bring you a fireside chat with Marisa Bertha. As the Director of Business Development at 7-Ventures, Marisa is responsible for selecting the portfolio of brands in which 7-Eleven invests, and is an expert on how brands succeed within the 7-Eleven ecosystem.

Marisa recently sat down with SnackNation CEO Sean Kelly for a fireside chat at the Future of Food show, and provides the inside scoop for getting in 7-Eleven’s doors. She also talks about the future of the convenience channel, why 7-Eleven offers brands a strategic advantage when it comes to trial, and why they’re actively looking at drone technology.

Jump to:

  • A brief summary of 7-Eleven’s 90 year history. 3:20
  • The top misconceptions about the convenience channel. 4:55
  • How brands find success in the C-store space. 6:40
  • How 7-Ventures evaluates brands for their portfolio. 11:03
  • How brands become successful within 7-Eleven. 15:35


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