Episode 100 | The Brand Builder Playbook:

Advanced Tips to Skyrocket Sales, Grow Your Brand, and Become a Household Name

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To celebrate our 100th episode, we’re launching The Brand Builder Playbook, featuring advanced tips to help you skyrocket sales, grow your brand, and become a household name.

We’re living in a golden age of CPG. An influx of capital, lower barriers to entry, and a consumer that cares more than ever about ingredients, health, and the social impact of the products they purchase – it all adds up to massive opportunity for the right kinds of emerging brands.

But there’s a flip side. Competition is at an all time high. The margin for error is razor thin, and there’s a mounting pressure to grow quickly. One wrong move, and your venture can fail.

So what’s the secret? You have to learn from those who’ve been there before. Sure, some lessons can only be learned the hard way. But if you want to win in the modern CPG landscape, you have to limit those failures as much as you can. You have to stand on the shoulders of those who came before you. That’s why we put together this playbook.

We’re also giving away a free ebook version of the Brand Builder Playbook, which contains two exclusive bonus tips.

So listen to the episode, and then download The Brand Builder Playbook for more in-depth details plus two exclusive bonus tactics. 



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