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Essential Business Travel Itinerary Templates for Successful Trips

We’ve created business travel itinerary templates that steamline the travel planning process that every executive will love!

By | Oct, 27, 2018|FEATURED, SnackNation Office|

20 Healthy Plant-Based Snacks and Recipes To Keep You Energized and Feeling Great

Discover easy and delicious ways to eat more fruits, veggies and plant-based ingredients with these 20 plant-based snacks!

By | Feb, 15, 2019|SnackNation Office|

Everything You Need to Write a Stellar Employee Codes of Conduct

Companies use employee codes of conduct to help workers understand how to uphold company values and practice mission-driven behaviors.

By | Feb, 15, 2019|SnackNation Office|

4 Types of Pre-Employment Testing To Help You Discover Rockstar Talent For Any Role

Curious about the types of pre-employment testing available? By the end of this post, you’ll know the pros, cons, and key details of pre-employment testing.

By | Feb, 15, 2019|SnackNation Office|

Master the Most Common Executive Assistant Duties

This guide will help you nail all your Executive Assistant duties. It covers the most common Executive Assistant duties, as reported by experienced EAs.

By | Feb, 09, 2019|SnackNation Office|

5 Employee Handbook Examples From Companies Who Nailed It

When you need to create or refresh an employee handbook, you should see what you can learn from existing employee handbook examples for popular companies.

By | Feb, 09, 2019|SnackNation Office|

The One-Stop Guide to Effective Performance Appraisals

Developing a process for effective performance appraisals could make or break an employee’s career. Here's everything you need to know.

By | Jan, 26, 2019|SnackNation Office|

24 Office Manager Gifts That Are Better Than a Gift Card

Show the Office Managers in your life you appreciate everything they do by passing on thoughtful gifts for Office Manager bliss.

By | Jan, 26, 2019|SnackNation Office|

SnackNation’s 2019 CPG Trend Forecast

Our snack experts narrowed down the top six food trends that will be dominating the CPG space in 2019. Think you know which ones made the list?

By | Jan, 24, 2019|SnackNation Office|