The 2017 Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

9 Simple Strategies to Create Happier, More Engaged, and More Productive Employees So Your Organization Can Thrive


With all the disparate information, opinions, and variables surrounding it,
Employee Engagement can be a confusing topic. But engagement doesn’t have to be a mystery.

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Before we start breaking things down, you might be wondering why
you should  even care about this employee engagement stuff.

We’re glad you asked!

When you have an environment where your employees are engaged by their work, you’ll notice:

ChartHigher levels of productivity

A boost to your bottom line

Better retention rates of your top talent

An increased sense of health and well-being

And (surprisingly) decreased healthcare costs

With the right knowledge, the right tools, and – most importantly – the proper mindset, it can be a powerful way to transform your organization and improve your bottom line.

And the good news is…you’ve already taken the first step by checking out this guide.

In this guide you’ll learn:

Employee Engagement

What it is and why you need to focus on it to be a successful company

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Discover Your Purpose

Clearly define your why and always lead by it

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Learn how to communicate effectively and authentically

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Health and Wellness

How wellness plays a vital role in your engagement strategy

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Ideal Workspace

How to make your office layout and design reflect your company’s style

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Well-Defined Roles

Connect the organization’s mission with each individual’s activities

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Foster Friendships

Why employees need friends at work, and how to foster those relationships

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Recognition and Incentives are Two essential tools to help motivate your team

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Amazing Managers

How to develop managers that cultivate loyal and accountable teams

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Personal Growth

Why growth is vital, and how you can develop your team

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Bringing It All Together

A detailed 8-week implementation plan to reach employee engagement nirvana

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Why We Wrote This Guide

At SnackNation, engagement is something we think about constantly, both for our own employees and for the companies we serve. It’s why we do what we do.

It’s also why we’ve put together this guide – to help you transform your organization and create an environment where your employees can be their best selves every single day.

Engagement can be a tricky topic. Most executives have heard of it, but few really understand it.

But you’re in luck, because in front of you is The Definitive Guide to Employee Engagement.

Think of this as your one-stop-shop for developing and deploying a powerful employee engagement strategy that will enable you to maximize the energy, creativity, and productivity of your company’s workforce – and allow your organization to thrive.

We’ve compiled ideas and data from the leading researchers in employee engagement, as well as case studies and action steps that show what these ideas look like in the real world.

RocketAt the end of it all, you’ll have the tools necessary to develop and apply an engagement strategy that fits the specific needs of your organization.

Understand employee engagement and why you should pay attention to it

There are seemingly hundreds of definitions of employee engagement – most of which aren’t helpful. We cut through the noise and paint a clear picture of engagement, and tell you why your business can’t afford to ignore it.
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Define your values and purpose (the Why)

The best brands don’t start with What or How, they start with Why. In this chapter, we offer actionable steps to find the Why of your brand, and develop a culture that embodies and supports it.
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Communication: The building block for effective engagement

Like all relationships, the employer-employee relationship is built on solid communication. We tell you how to create a world-class internal communications programs, and show you how to right the ship when communication failures create a toxic environment.
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How health and wellness ties into employee engagement

Our jobs are slowly killing us… but it doesn’t have to be this way. We demonstrate how health, wellness, and nutrition initiatives can boost the quality of life for everyone in your company – along with your bottom line.
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Creating a unique workspace and environment for your team to thrive

Work-life balance is quickly being replaced by work-life integration. In today’s economy, creating a space where your employees will actually want to spend their time is key. We’ll show you how to do it.
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Why team members need well-defined roles that contribute to the company’s purpose

A lack of clarity can sabotage the most well-intentioned cultures. We show you why and how to get this right.
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The secrets to fostering friendships in the workplace

It might sound strange, but friendship in the workplace is one of the most powerful factors in employee retention. This chapter will help you create the conditions for productive friendships in the office.
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Tips to better recognize your employees and provide the right incentives

The right mix of incentives and recognition will do wonders for your company’s morale, productivity, and engagement.
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Finding and cultivating amazing managers

People don’t leave jobs – they leave managers. Cultivating amazing managers is a must-have skill if you want to keep talented employees.
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Investing in your most important asset: your people

Growth and development are necessary for creating superstar employees and killer companies. Here’s how you do it.
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Bring it all together into a bulletproof employee engagement plan

Theory is great… but how does all this work in practice? We bring it all together with a step-by-step, actionable eight week plan.
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