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The Workplace Events Calendar: Office Events for Every Part of the Year

If you plan events for your office, figuring out themes is a burden. Here's a cheatsheet of event ideas & themes you can use for every month of the year.

By | May, 15, 2017|SnackNation Office|

How to Run a Productive One-on-One Meeting: Tips, Agendas & Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re a Manager, Director, or Executive, here’s how to make the most out of your next one-on-one meeting. Tips, agendas, & mistakes to avoid.

By | May, 05, 2017|SnackNation Office|

Managing Millennials in The Workplace: Stop Making It Complicated

How should a company address the challenges of managing millennials in the workplace? The answers don't have to be complicated.

By | May, 01, 2017|SnackNation Office|

Why Recognition is The Most Important Pillar of Employee Engagement

Engagement is more than just the hoped for result of dating site denizens and contestants on The Bachelor, it’s a key differentiator that leads to business success in companies across all verticals.

By | Apr, 24, 2017|SnackNation Office|

Snack Survival Guide – Music Fest Edition: 3 Must Eat Snacks for the 2017 Festival Season

Whether you’re an Electric Daisy Carnival kind of girl or Oregon’s Pickathon is more your speed, here are three snacks you can’t do without this festival season.

By | Apr, 24, 2017|SnackNation Office|

11 Effective Time Management Tips for Busy Office Managers

Here are 11 proven time management tips for Office Managers, so you can get more work done in less time and conquer your to-do list.

By | Apr, 17, 2017|SnackNation Office|

The Modern Guide to (Responsibly) Drinking at Work

Up until recently, conventional wisdom dictated that drinking at work probably wasn’t a winning strategy. But things have changed...

By | Apr, 09, 2017|SnackNation Office|

7 Fun Office Birthday Ideas That Are as Easy as Pie

Celebrating a coworkers birthday shouldn't be a chore. These 7 fun office birthday ideas are easy to do and will make you as the office hero.

By | Apr, 03, 2017|SnackNation Office|