2017 14, 2017

The Future of Hydration is NOW! Meet Three of Our Favorite Functional Beverages

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Drink makers around the globe are thinking outside the can to engineer healthy, delicious, functional and totally remarkable refreshments featuring inventive ingredients that benefit our minds and bodies. Here are three of our favorite functional beverages that will have you toasting the future of hydration.

2017 10, 2017

The 2017 State of Workplace Culture Report

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Our in-depth survey of 568 professionals reveals 10 takeaways you need to know to improve your company's culture.

2017 09, 2017

#SnackNationSummer Contest!

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How do you do healthy Summer snacking? ...WITH FRIENDS? ...ON [...]

2017 07, 2017

33 Thoughtful Employee Recognition & Appreciation Ideas for 2017

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Employee recognition ideas from real companies with the happiest employees. Get advice for advice for employee recognition methods that fit any company size, culture, or budget.

2017 30, 2017

121 Employee Wellness Program Ideas Your Team Will Love

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Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many corporations as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.The key to having a successful corporate wellness program is by encouraging overall wellbeing while still keeping it fun (see #57 for a perfect example). If you can't get people engaged then your wellness program ideas will quickly lose steam. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team values the most.

2017 21, 2017

The Painfully Ridiculous Things Office Managers, Admins, and Executive Assistants Deal With

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If you’re an Office Manager, Admin, or Executive Assistants, you probably get a million requests a day. Here's the worst of the worst.

2017 18, 2017

Everything You Need to Launch a Kick-Ass Employee Wellness Survey

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In this post, we'll show you the questions, tools, and tips you'll need to ensure your wellness survey and program is set up for success.

2017 17, 2017

Zero-Fuss Snacks for Perfect Summer Picnics

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Zero-Fuss Snacks for Perfect Summer Picnics Toss out your Aunt [...]

2017 09, 2017

What We Learned By Surveying 328 Office Managers [Infographic]

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Here are 17 surprising things we learned by surveying 328 Office Managers working in 68 different industries across the US.

2017 26, 2017

Spicy Bacon Mac & Cheese Recipe – America flag edition

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Just in time for summer cookouts, this American flag themed spicy baked mac & cheese recipe is the perfect way to celebrate our freedom AND will blow up your Instagram. Sure you could make your own bacon, but we like to save time, avoid that greasy mess and add tons of flavor by using Chef's Cut uncured bacon jerky!

2017 22, 2017

The Top 40 Corporate Wellness Companies That Are Transforming Workplace Health and Happiness

By | Jun, 22, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

If you're looking for the best corporate wellness companies that can help improve the health of your team, you've landed in the right place. Employee health affects more than home life; it also affects work productivity. That’s why so many companies are now hiring firms to manage and improve their employee’s health through things like yoga sessions or healthy food deliveries.

2017 19, 2017

The 13 Undeniable Skills of a Rockstar Administrative Assistant

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The 13 Undeniable Skills of a Rockstar Administrative Assistant A stellar [...]

2017 16, 2017

Summer Snack and Beverage Pairings

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Are you ready to get fancy? Forget boring bottled water or chemical-laden diet soda, and get ready to spend the summer months enjoying the perfect pairings on this list.

2017 05, 2017

17 Lessons Most First Time Managers Make the Hard Way

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We asked around and uncovered the top mistakes that most first time managers end up making the hard way, so you don't have to.

2017 24, 2017

This Map Shows The Average Salary for Office Managers in Every State

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Using data from Indeed, SimplyHired, and PayScale, here's the average annual salary for Office Managers in every state across the US.

2017 19, 2017

How to Prepare the Millennial Workforce for Management Positions

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With workplace leadership expected to be two-thirds millennial by 2024, millennials are on track to take more responsibility, not avoid it.

2017 16, 2017

Want to be Beach-Ready by June 1st? Here are Five Snacks to Munch on in May

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You’ve been so good this year. You stared down temptation, looked him right in his beady little eyes, and said, “Not today.” But you’re not out of the woods quite yet. There are still plenty of ways to derail that summer bod before beach season. Here are five snacks to to keep that summer bod looking (and feeling) fabulous, without sacrificing taste (or just generally being miserable).

2017 15, 2017

The Workplace Events Calendar: Office Events for Every Part of the Year

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If you plan events for your office, figuring out themes is a burden. Here's a cheatsheet of event ideas & themes you can use for every month of the year.

2017 05, 2017

How to Run a Productive One-on-One Meeting: Tips, Agendas & Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you’re a Manager, Director, or Executive, here’s how to make the most out of your next one-on-one meeting. Tips, agendas, & mistakes to avoid.

2017 01, 2017

Managing Millennials in The Workplace: Stop Making It Complicated

By | May, 01, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

How should a company address the challenges of managing millennials in the workplace? The answers don't have to be complicated.