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2017 11, 2017

Episode 11 | How to Become a Master Connector & Attract Top Talent, with ForceBrands founder Josh Wand

By | Dec, 11, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

“Ideas are ideas, and without great people they never come to life.” Translation: if you want your brand to take off, you better surround yourself with the right people. And we can’t think of anyone more qualified to tell us how to attract those people than Josh Wand, a 20 year veteran of CPG and the founder and CEO of ForceBrands.

2017 06, 2017

Use it or Lose It – 5 Great Ways to Spend That End of Year Budget

By | Dec, 06, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

You’ve worked hard all year to make every dollar of your departmental budget count - and you actually have money left over. The smart thing to do is invest your extra budget in things that are actually valuable - and that you can justify when Finance takes a look at your 11th hour spending.

2017 04, 2017

Episode 10 | How Mark Rampolla Created an $8 Billion Category by Picking the High Hanging Fruit, with ZICO founder Mark Rampolla

By | Dec, 04, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

When you look at Mark Rampolla’s resume, he almost seems like he might secretly be The Most Interesting Man in the World. Here’s a partial list of the jobs Mark has held: Landscaper. Dishwasher. Peace Corp Volunteer. President of International Paper (a multinational corporation). CEO of Beanfields (aka, Chief Bean Fiend). Partner at Powerplant Ventures (a venture capital fund that invests in sustainable, plant-based businesses). Author of the book High Hanging Fruit. But he’s probably best known as the guy who started ZICO coconut water.

2017 27, 2017

Episode 9 | How a Tragic Event Inspired This Mother-Daughter Duo to Build a Thriving Family Business, with Skinny Dipped Co-Founders Val and Breezy Griffith

By | Nov, 27, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

Food, family, and love. For the folks at Skinny Dipped, these three things are hard to separate. For one thing, it's because co-founders Val and Breezy Griffith are family - mother and daughter to be exact. Another reason - this epic food brand was launched as a way to bring the Griffith family closer together after they experienced an intense personal tragedy.

2017 20, 2017

Episode 8 | How 301 Inc. Makes Itself an Indispensable Partner for Growth, with VP and General Manager John Haugen

By | Nov, 20, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

If there’s one constant in CPG, it’s change. Startup CPG brands have to constantly adapt to changing taste preferences, changing retail trends, and changing norms around supply chain and ingredients. So it's fitting that 301 Inc. - an “emerging brand elevator” that helps startup CPG brands optimize for growth - underwent it's own strategic pivot a few years after launching in 2012. In this episode we talk to John Haugen, the VP and General Manager of 301 Inc. 301 is a VC arm within General Mills, providing direct investment, strategic counsel, and the resources and expertise that only a company like General Mills can provide.

2017 13, 2017

Episode 7 | Why JiMMYBAR! Wants to Be the Ben and Jerry’s of Clean Bars, with JiMMYBAR! founder and CEO Jim Simon

By | Nov, 13, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

Serial entrepreneur Jim Simon knows a thing or two about launching successful brands. He's a veteran of Web 1.0 and has started or run six companies, mostly in tech. But ironically, he didn't recognize one of his biggest opportunities the first time out. That opportunity? His namesake clean bar brand, JiMMYBAR! Today, the Chicago-based bar brand has an ever-expanding footprint, and are putting their products in the hands of health- and taste-conscious consumers across the U.S. (and beyond). The company strives to be the "Ben and Jerry's of bars" - a purpose-driven, personality-infused brand that's fun and stands for something. How are they doing it? We got the inside scoop from Jim himself.

2017 06, 2017

Episode 6 | How Dang Foods Created the Coconut Chip Category, with CEO Vincent Kitirattragarn

By | Nov, 06, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

Vincent Kitirattragarn wasn't trying to start a company. He was just trying to find a traditional ingredient to make one of Mama Dang's delicious Thai recipes. But, as so often happens, fate intervened, and a brand new snack category - and company - was born. Dang!

2017 30, 2017

Episode 5 | How Pipsnacks Got Oprah Winfrey and Mark Cuban Excited About Popcorn

By | Oct, 30, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

It was a once in a lifetime break. Just four months into launching their business, a chance encounter and a random act of kindness helped land Pipsnacks a coveted spot in Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode. On this week’s Brand Builder, we are fortunate to have all three of Pipsnacks’ founders - siblings Jeff and Jen Martin and Jeff’s wife Teresa - to tell the incredible Pipsnacks story, including how they landed on Oprah’s radar, and how they went about assembling a brand and a culture that could weather all the ups and downs of CPG entrepreneurship.

2017 27, 2017

How This Office Manager Transitioned Into a Dream Job in Less Than a Year

By | Oct, 27, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Here’s how Max landed a job at his dream company, & how he transitioned from Office Manager to his current role in less than a year.

2017 23, 2017

Episode 4 | How RXBAR Became the $600 Million Brand, with Co-Founder and CEO Peter Rahal

By | Oct, 23, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

They’re the bar brand everyone is talking about. RXBAR make whole food, minimally processed protein bars that taste great and are made with only a handful of ingredients. Their bars are also famous for emphasizing what’s NOT in them - No Dairy. No Soy. No Gluten. No B.S. And they are killing it. Less than five years after launching the brand from their kitchen, founders Peter Rahal and Jared Smith recently announced a $600 million acquisition by Kellogg. How’d they do it? We’ve got co-founder and CEO Peter Rahal to clue us in.

2017 16, 2017

How to Throw a Company Retreat That Everyone Will Rave About

By | Oct, 16, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Company retreats don't have to suck. Here's the step-by-step process our 2 event pros use to throw company retreats that are unforgettable.

2017 16, 2017

Episode 3 | Why Deep River Will Never Stop “Giving a Chip,” with Founder and CEO Jim Goldberg

By | Oct, 16, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

If you want to understand Deep River Snacks, look no further than their infamous tagline - “Because we give a chip.” The company makes small-batch, non GMO kettle chips, popcorn, and tortilla chips, but their mission is so much bigger than that. It's about using their amazingly successful, irresistible product as a platform for good. Founder Jim Goldberg says it best: “That’s what give a chip means - we do what we do because it’s the right thing to do. Period.”

2017 12, 2017

Bonus Episode | How to Make the Most of Your Website’s Traffic, with Emil Shour

By | Oct, 12, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

In this "snack sized" bonus episode, SnackNation Marketing Director Emil Shour shares the single best tactic for optimizing your website traffic. Take his advice, and you'll be seeing fewer bounces and more sweet, sweet $$$$. Emil also proves to us that he is definitely NOT a marketing robot.

2017 09, 2017

Episode 2 | How Barnana Became the Biggest Brazilian Export Since Coconut Water, with Founder and CEO Caue Suplicy

By | Oct, 09, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

Hippie parents. A solar dehydrator. A burgeoning triathlon career. These usually aren’t the elements that make for CPG success - unless of course, your name is Caue Suplicy. Caue is the founder and CEO of Barnana, the Santa Monica-based company that has made one of the world’s most popular foods even more irresistible. These bags of banana bites have driven eight-figure annual revenues and a dedicated global following. Barnana proved that you can improve on perfection, all while promoting values like sustainability and healthier living.

2017 08, 2017

Episode 1 | How Field Trip Launched a Jerky Empire with Just $11k, w/ Tom Donigan, founding partner at Field Trip Jerky

By | Oct, 08, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

In 2010, Tom Donigan and his friends Scott Fiesinger and Matt Levey launched a jerky brand on a modest $11,250 seed investment, and didn’t take on any additional money for an entire year. Today that brand - Field Trip - can be found in more than 30,000 retail locations, and last year closed a six-figure funding round.How’d they do it? That’s what the debut episode of Brand Builder is all about.

2017 06, 2017

Introducing Brand Builder

By | Oct, 06, 2017|Categories: Brand Builder|

Brand Builder brings you the people, stories, and lessons learned from the most innovative brands in the world.In this introductory episode, co-hosts Jordan Cohen and Jeff Murphy break down what the show is all about, share their favorite brands and top business book recommendations, and amuse themselves with the magic of podcast editing.

2017 15, 2017

Activities & Snacks for the Best Fall Ever

By | Sep, 15, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

If you’re like us, the first crisp breeze of fall always feels like a call to adventure! Are you ready to get outside and experience everything this enchanting season has to offer? Then put aside last year’s autumn bucket list and get ready to try our favorite trend of the season: the fall snack and play.

2017 12, 2017

Get More Done & Stress Less with These Simple Office Organization Ideas

By | Sep, 12, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

These are tricks, tips, and hacks that we either use here at SnackNation, or that other companies are doing that we really love.

2017 06, 2017

How to Make Your Coworker’s Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable

By | Sep, 06, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

How to Make Your Coworker's Next Work Anniversary Unforgettable With [...]

2017 29, 2017

How to Create the Ultimate Office Snack Station

By | Aug, 29, 2017|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Looking to create a neat and organized office snack station? Here's some inspiration to help you create the best setup for your office.