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2016 18, 2016

45 Healthier Office Party Snacks & Drinks Your Coworkers Will Rave About

By | Nov, 18, 2016|Categories: SnackNation Office|

These 45 unique office party snacks will keep your office buddies happy, healthy—and impressed with you—all season long.

2016 28, 2016

37 Unique and Cool Office Supplies That’ll Revitalize Your Workplace

By | Feb, 28, 2016|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Cool office supplies address many common workplace doldrums. From grey walls to bla-colored carpets, there’s nothing a pop of color or a splash of humor can't fix. From cute to quirky, here’s a list of 39 fun and cool office supplies to add some swing to your employees’ steps!

2015 30, 2015

101 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes for Work

By | Oct, 30, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Good motivational quotes for employees should be inspiring and empowering…and should not sound like something you lifted from a cheesy greeting card. We searched through books, movies, songs, and even TED Talks to bring you 101 amazing motivational quotes you’ll be proud to put in a Powerpoint, or even an intra-office meme.

2015 16, 2015

30 Essential HR Blogs Every HR Professional Should Read in 2017

By | Oct, 16, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

With so many HR blogs available online, it's hard to tell what you should be reading. The SnackNation team compiled a list of the best HR blogs to help you!

2015 09, 2015

10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love

By | Oct, 09, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Looking for corporate gifting ideas that your clients and customers will love? Well, you’ve come to the right place.We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners.

2015 21, 2015

33 Amazing Employee Recognition Ideas You Need to Be Using

By | Aug, 21, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

Employee recognition ideas from real companies with the happiest employees. Get advice for advice for employee recognition methods that fit any company size, culture, or budget.

2015 31, 2015

These 15 Companies Know How to Keep Employees Happy

By | Jul, 31, 2015|Categories: SnackNation Office|

If you want to know how to keep your employees happy, look to real companies that have implemented real strategies that work. These 15 companies have proven experience in making and keeping their employees happy.