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SnackNation Makes Healthy Snacking Fun, Life More Productive, and Workplaces Awesome.

Since 2008, we have been committed to creating easy access to healthier foods throughout the US. SnackNation – office & home healthy snack delivery – provides convenient access to millions of healthier snacks per year, delivered right to your doorstep. 100% of the products we include in our boxes are made with nutritious, whole ingredients & taste-tested by our team to ensure taste bud satisfaction! We are headquartered in Los Angeles and are trusted by leading brands like Microsoft, Wayfair, Uber, Marriott, Travelocity, NFL Networks and thousands more.



We believe in personal health above all else. Only when one is healthy can they optimally serve those around them. We believe in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to experience a higher quality of life.
We were put on this earth to give as much of ourselves as possible. We ask “how can I give more” and don’t shy away from hard work. We focus on the work we do, not delusions of who we want to be.
We understand that despair and suffering are primarily the result of focusing on oneself rather than others. We believe that through serving & inspiring others to be their best, we will achieve our best.
We believe that becoming is better than being and that fulfillment is a direct result of becoming better. We value growth and progress over current circumstances, and use learning as our key unit of daily measure.
We proactively aim to spread joy to all of those around us. We believe joy & optimism are key components of experiencing a rich life, and strive to put genuine smiles on the faces of those we serve.

Our goal is for everything we create and cultivate—our snack selection, educational content, corporate culture, and relationships—to live up to the tenets of our Core Values. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for our own reputation, the level of success we achieve, the brand image we create, and the contributions we make to better people’s health and wellbeing.


SnackNation has aligned itself with Feeding America whose mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. SnackNation donates 10 meals to a family in need for every box delivered.