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Turnkey healthy snack delivery designed for your office!

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Plans automatically renew. You may cancel at anytime.

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Choose Your Plansnack delivery business

Choose one of three different subscription plans based on the number of employees you have in your workplace.

Enjoy Monthly Deliveryonline snack delivery services

Health and happiness delivered! Each month, you’ll receive a curated box of the best-tasting, most popular healthy snacks, guaranteed to make your employees smile.

Join The Movementonline snack delivery system

Feel great about your choice to make healthier food more convenient than junk food.  Your office will soon be healthier, happier and more productive.

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Healthy Office Snack Delivery ServiceProduct Expertise. In addition to SnackNation, we also sell thousands and thousands of healthier snacks everyday in over 2000 locations nationwide. HUMAN (Helping Unite Mankind And Nutrition), is the pioneer of the Healthy Vending Industry, which began in America in 2003.

Local Healthy Snack DeliverySnack “Masters.” We’re the healthy snack “Masters” and have been taste testing products for over 10 years. We know what people like to eat!

greenstart2Proven Product Selection.  Every month you’ll receive a brand new healthy snack delivery with delicious, and constantly revolving product selection, that your employees are guaranteed to love.

greenstart2Ultra-Convenient.  It doesn’t get easier than SnackNation turnkey healthier snack delivery!  Our program is super easy to manage and your employees value it as an ultra-convenient perk.

greenstart2Collection Box Program.  Tight budget?  No budget?  No problem!  Use our free Collection Box Program and your healthy snack delivery service won’t cost your company a dime.

greenstart2100% Snack-Back Guarantee.   Don’t like a snack? Send it back! We’ll send you a replacement at no cost.  100% satisfaction guaranteed

greenstart2Partner With The Best.  HUMAN Healthy Vending, is ranked #168 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list, ranked as the #1 Vending Franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500, and ranked on Forbes Magazine’s “America’s Most Promising Companies” list. Align your company with HUMAN & SnackNation and make your employees, happier, healthier, and highly productive.  Let’s achieve success together!

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How SnackNation Compares to Other Snack Delivery Services

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What’s Inside

Contents of a Recent Box

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When will my order ship?

All first orders will ship within 3-4 business days.  Each delivery after that will be shipped on the 1st or 15th of each subsequent month depending on the date of the first order.

What kinds of snacks come in each box?

Each box comes with a variety of the best-tasting healthier snacks on the market.  With over 10 years of healthy vending experience, we know what people like and don’t like.  Hundreds of product companies contact us each month asking us to sell their goods – we only select those that are not just healthier for you, but also taste amazing.  Nutrition and taste are equally important…this is especially true in the workplace.  Trust us – we will NOT sending you snacks that taste like rabbit food!  Check out our Snack-Back Guarantee (below).

How many different products come in each box?

Each box comes with 14 – 18 different SKUs and 140-160 snacks.  This allows our healthy snack expert-curators to have some flexibility in what items are selected each month.  For example, one month might include a product that costs 2x more than the avg. SnackNation item, but it’s just so amazing that we want everyone to try it!  In this scenario, we would simply have a lower overall volume of snacks for that month (closer to 140) so we can keep within budget. This will ensure that you have the best tasting healthy snack delivery possible!

Are the snacks full-size or sample portions?

Each snack included in the SnackNation healthy snack delivery service is a full-size single-serve portion.  This is a premium program – you will never receive any samples from us!

What subscription level should I choose?

Each office around the country is unique and has different snacking needs. We’ve done our best to categorize each subscription option based on office size, but there is a good possibility you will either upgrade/downgrade after going through a few healthy snack deliveries and gauging employee consumption.

  • We recommend the “SnackSTAR” option for companies with 1-19 employees.  This includes 140-160 full-size single-serve snacks (14-18 different snack options depending on the month).
  • We recommend the “SnackHERO” option for companies with 20-39 employees.  This includes 280-320 full-size single-serve snacks (14-18 different snack options depending on the month).
  • We recommend the “SnackSUPER-HERO” option for companies with 40-75 employees.  This includes 420-480 full-size single-serve snacks (14-18 different snack options depending on the month).

If your company has more than 75 employees – that’s okay, simply choose whatever option is right for your office!  We work with many large companies that use SnackNation as a supplemental food service option because their current healthy snack delivery service vendor(s) are unwilling to integrate healthy options (mainly because they have no clue what healthy products people actually like these days).  If you’re interested in a healthy vending machine or healthy market please visit or

What is the product display box?

The product display box is a customized snack tray that’s shipped with each first order (in addition to the box-o-snacks).  This display allows for each office to have a clean, organized and designated snacking area.  These are great additions to any office kitchen or break room that’s in need of easily accessible snacks.  These displays also come equipped with a “cash box” option that allows you to implement our “collection box” program for companies on a tight budget.  See the SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery “Collection Box” details below.

What is the “Collection Box” program? How does this work?

The “Collection Box” program was developed for companies on a tight budget.  Let’s assume your company doesn’t have the $249/month to subsidize healthy snacks in the office – no problem – simply keep the cash collection insert attached to the product display box (with a lock if you so choose), apply the “Pay Here” sticker and the box pays for itself each month.   Finally, you choose how much each product will cost based on what you need to make back and you’re ready to roc– Your SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery Service is now paying for itself! 

Do I get to choose the snacks for each delivery?

For now, we reserve the right to send you the best-tasting healthier snacks at our discretion.  If you don’t like some of the snacks, just tell us you want the “Snack-Back Guarantee!” (See Snack-Back Guarantee Below)

What is the Snack-Back Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with any of the snacks delivered for that particular month, just send them back!  Also, send an email to letting us know the quantity/type of snacks you shipped and once we receive the returned snacks, we’ll send you another snack of equal value – it’s that easy.

What are you shipping limitations?

Currently, we’re only shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  If you’re out of the United States, please send an email to and we’ll do our best to provide you with a SnackNation SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery subscription – the #1 variable is shipping cost. 

Who delivers my box(s) each month?

All SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery boxes are shipped out via UPS.

How can I track my shipment?

When your SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery box ships, the email address associated with the order will receive a tracking number.

How do I earn healthy snacking rewards?

This is coming soon!  Please check for updates!

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your SnackNation Healthy Snack Delivery Subscription please call 310-845-7734 or email to cancel.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.